This Tool Automatically Colors Your Drawings via Artificial Intelligence

Doodling is fun. You’ll be hard put to find a student who hasn’t decorated his or her copy with some line art, be it random criss-cross or a hyper-realistic drawing of the professor.

On the other hand, not as many people like to color the pieces of art they have created. So, what if there was a software that could do it for you?

Meet the PaintsChainer, a simple online tool that can take your piece of line art and then automatically color it in a water color-like style. The drawing can be created using any program you choose.

Since it also accepts drawings in the JPG or PNG format, you can simply take and upload of a doodle drawn on paper. The results would be somewhat poor when compared to something drawn on a computer drawing program, but I was still pretty impressed. You can also tweak the tool to give you much better results by telling it which color to use, where to apply them, etc.

Below, is a picture of a sketch of Iron Man I made a couple of years ago, before and after using PostChainer. You can create your own by heading over to PaintsChainer.

How does it work?

PaintsChainer uses a flexible neural network framework to automatically colorize your photos. Neural network is a form of artificial intelligence, loosely based on the workings of a human brain and how it solves problems with large clusters of biological neurons connected by axons.

You can also check out our article on how Google has used the prowess of neural networks to recognize doodles.

  • Thanks a lot..Very useful information especially for me..As i make sketches on Pencil..and this tool is really awesome for me to colorize my sketches easily…

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