Following Amir Liaquat, Dr Shahid Masood Also Gets Banned by PEMRA [UPDATED]

Pakistan Electronic and Print Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA) suspended Dr. Shahid Masood’s show, “Live with Dr. Shahid Masood” on Bol TV yesterday.

The show will remain suspended for a duration of 30 days and a Rs. 1 million fine is to be paid by Bol network. The show was suspended due to false allegations against Pakistan Army and ministers of finance and defence.

Sindh Council of Complaints made recommendations against Bol tv and Dr. Shahid Masood after the network failed to provide a valid point against a complaint issued against them.

The complaint forwarded to PEMRA by Minister of Finance Ishaq Dar states that Dr. Shahid Masood, on January 24th on the show Live with Dr. Shahid Masood made false allegations against an alleged meeting held in Rawalpindi between senior officials of the military and Ministers of Defence and Finance. According to the complaint, the allegations were made due to ulterior motives and mala fide against the Ministers.

Here’s a part of the notice issued by PEMRA to Dr. Shahid Masood and Bol Network:

Failed To Disprove Evidence

It was confirmed during the initial inquiry by PEMRA that Dr. Shahid had indeed mentioned this on air that Mr. Ishaq Dar and Mr. Khawaja Asif had held a meeting with senior officials of the military in Rawalpindi.

PEMRA also stated that the anchor and the management of Bol network (M/s Labbaik Private Limited) had failed to provide counter evidence or anything negating the comments they made about the meeting.

Aisay Nahi Chalay Ga

This isn’t the first news anchor/show to be banned on Bol network. Dr. Amir Liaquat’s talk show “Aisay Nahi Chalay Ga” was also banned a few weeks ago. The show and the host were banned due to preaching hate on air against notable personalities.


The Islamabad High Court has suspended PEMRA’s decision of banning Dr. Shahid Masood’s show for 30 days.

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  • This is a very good decision by PEMRA. No one should be allowed to elevate a false allegation without a solid proof. No country in the world can allow such practice.

    • Not Bol. His shows runs on NewsONE.


      Dr Shahid Masood @Shahidmasooddr
      As soon as I decided to restart my show on newsone,I am again banned for 30 days by#Pemra
      2:21 PM – 13 Feb 2017

  • Another good decision by Pemra.. Dr.qayamt and Bol were given two opportunities to defend themselves and present the evidence of their claim.. but they failed to do so..hence pemra rightfully exercised its power and banned him.. fair enough

  • Thank God, Dr Shahid Masood Loves Pakistan & he is the only one Who speak the Truth on live tv. is liye sab ko mirchen lagti hain, sach karwa hota hai . Sab bhonkney lag jatey hain jab show ban hota hai , ab court ne pemra ka decision suspend ku kia hai? ab Court pe bhonko ? Chup ku ho ?

  • Dr.shahid is a patriotic person and Ban on his show is wrong ,pemra should ban Geo TV for telecasting programs to defame pak army ,but perma only take orders from govt.and that’s why Geo is not banned but others are banned

    • Geo banned nhn hoga kyun k wo un kameeno k haami hain jo “Bhensa” “Roshni” aur “Mochi” wale pages run kar rahe the. Saale wo bloggers khud bhaag kar chup gaye aur saare media wale Pakistani agencies k against statement de rahe the us time to Pemra so raha tha

    • Yaar mein Nawaz Sharif ka fan naheen hoon, lekin yeh bhi sahi nahi ke jis kay jee mein jo chahay ilzaam laga de, aur phir us ilzaam ka koi subooth bhi na de. Is news mein tho yahi likha hay ke Dr.Shahid ne jo ilzaam lagaya us ka koi proof nahin de pae. Kuch tho answerable/responsible hona chahiye na in media anchors ko, warna jo PEMRA ne kia sahih kia. Doosri baat jis ki wajah se mein ne aap ki hi comme t ko respond kia woh yeh hay, ke woh comments jo aap ke nazariay ke bilkul ulat hain, un ki wajah se doosron ko kutta samajhna jaez kahan?

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