ICT R&D Fund Set to Train and Prepare 1 Million New Freelancers in Next 5 Years

ICT R&d Fund Company has decided to float RFP for the establishment of National technical training program for development of ICT skills.

Anusha Rehmam, who chairs the ICT R&D Fund board, issued directions during a board meeting today.

She said that these trainings will equip the youth with skills required for employability in the sector. She hoped that step will turn our youth in to a skillful Human Resource after getting an appropriate ICTs training.

The Board approved training of 1 million youngster in freelancing skill set in the next 5 years. The purpose of the meeting was to review the status and pace of on going different projects of ICT R&D Fund Company .

The Board was apprised by the CEO that 8th March was announced as cut off date for submission of proposals for establishment of 4 more Incubation Centers and we are receiving very encouraging feedback from the industry which speaks volume of their level of interest and trust in our ICT related endeavors.

The Board members were also presented draft RFP for start ups for IOT , FinTech, and Robotics.
The Minister was also informed that she has chaired 25 consecutive board meetings of ICT R&D Fund Company within last three years.

Anusha Rehman said that our government attaches highest priority to ICTs development to materialize Prime Minister Mohammad Nawaz Sharif vision of “Accelerated Digitization”.She directed the Company to gear up their efforts to meet all given timelines for all 7 incubation centred within stipulated time frame.

Federal secretary IT Mr.Rizwan Bashir khan, Member Telecom Mudasar Hussain, Member HR , CEO ICT R&D Co.Mr Yousaf Hassan and other board members were also present in the meeting.

  • and a freelancer cant open bank account any where in Pakistan…..what Anusha Rehman can do about this…

    • This is stupidity of State Bank of Pakistan and Mushrraf, when a visitor Pakistani can even open an account overseas why not a Pakistani can open an account within his own country?

      But I heard last time that SBP relaxed procedures and every Pakistani can.

      • freelancer ek business haa oor ap FCY account main business transaction nhi kar sakta
        according to SBP lakin ap westorn union moneygram wagara sa apna name pa pasa mangwa sakta

        • aap kisi be company ka fake employment latter bana do employee ki salary aah jati account its simple solution :D

  • The first they need to do is to find solution for payments. Paypal is not present in Pakistan and in many platforms direct bank account transfers is not supported. Freelancers have to use costly third party services to withdraw funds. Local banks do not open account for freelancers based on their profile, they require an employment certificate. Govt/state bank should work to resolve these issue.

    • I have been transferring funds of some freelancers from Pakistan to transfer funds to their bank accounts in Pakistan which they receive in Paypal and then transfer to my Paypal :)

    • Paypal is good and but there are other solutions which are being used by freelancers in Pakistan e.g. Payoneer, Skrill, Stripe. Payoneer is quite popular among freelancer, when singing up with Payoneer https://goo.gl/XTSxUi freelancers can get $25 bonus + Rs.2500 Cashback from http://www.rupeeco.pk which is Pakistan’s first cashback website.

  • Training 1 million freelancers over the next 5 years means training at least 800 freelancers every day for the next 5 years (250 working days per year). How will they do it unless they have 20 training centers working in parallel every day. Simply not possible. ICT R&D fund should promise things which it can actually deliver instead of just making tall claims which cannot be achieved!

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