Sindh Bomb Disposal Squad To Get 5 Robots And Other Hi-Tech Gadgets

Police Authorities in Sindh have allowed the bomb disposal squad in the province to buy gadgets, tools, robots and other machinery worth million of Rupees.

According to the concerned officials, this decision will result in one of the biggest purchase in the history of the Sindh police. The equipment includes anti-IED (improvised explosive device) robots, bomb detectors and pocket jammers.

An official mentioned details about the equipment being procured, stating:

The key items include five EODs (explosive ordinance devices) robots. Currently our unit is using a robot which was made available through a donation from the United Kingdom. A robot of this type costs around Rs10 million and the Sindh police are now procuring five of them in one go.

Features of IED-Busting Robots

The bomb-defusing robot comes with infra-red and a variety of other sensors and signal jammers. It has extendable limbs and is equipped with a gun which has a number of barrels available for use. This bot has a range of 1 kilometer and can work for up to 10 hours when fully charged.

It can also be run on a special frequency or a wireless signal which is undetectable by radars.

When the robot finds an IED it can destroy the bomb’s circuits with a jammer, a water gun (yes, you heard it tight) or by simply discharging a firearm on it.

List of Equipment Being Acquired

An official from Sindh Police stated that they are going to acquire:

  • 31 explosive detectors
  • 10 portable IED jammers
  • 20 pocket jammers
  • 7 bomb locators
  • 4 disrupting pig sticks

For technical assistance of the bomb squad, the police is going to acquire:

  • 5 new kits
  • 48 safety goggles
  • 14 high definition binoculars

He further added,

The aggressive procurement plan has been designed considering the level of threat which demands capacity building of the bomb disposal unit. It’s all being done through the Sindh police budget which has an annual plan for procurement of such gadgets and machinery for the unit,

Allocation of The Budget

It should be noted that the Sindh government has allocated Rs. 82.3 billion from its current budget towards law and order. This includes funds for jails, rangers, police and other security departments. The previous budget was Rs 64.458 billion for the period of 2015-2016.

Sindh police has made arrangements to collaborate with British Army and FBI from US to train the bomb disposal squad.

Via Dawn

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