E-Baithak is the Newest Co-Working Space for Lahoris

Over the past few years, acceptance of non-traditional jobs has grown whether it’s as a freelancer or a startup founder. To cater to this new breed of working professionals, the concept of co-working spaces has grown popular. E-Baithak is the latest to offer a great working environment and workspace for the millennial workforce.

E-Baithak has been established with a vision of providing people a perfect place to work, whenever they want to and without any stress to take. The organization will open its first office on 6th March in Johar Town, G-1 Market, Lahore.

E-Baithak Is Offering Special Discount to First Ten People as Well as Teams Who Register.

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The company offers uninterrupted workspace, economical packages and great services to ensure productivity of the customers.

E-Baithak: What Does It Offer?

To provide the optimum working experience for modern professionals and teams, E-Baithak offers various services.

Internet connectivity has become a necessity in modern age; whether it’s for work or education. High-speed Internet connectivity is available for all the customers at E-Baithak.

Loadshedding is a huge problem in Pakistan, especially in summers. The hurdle has been overcome by E-Baithak, which offers uninterrupted power connection at their office. Not only that, the company also provides air-conditioning.

To recharge, customers can visit the mini-cafe and have a nice meal.

Meetings are an important part of businesses and ventures, which is why E-Baithek has a dedicated room for meetings. The meeting room can also be treated as a guest room, to keep the guests separate from the workspace.

Printers are present at the office which customers can use any time they desire.

Lastly, a corner is dedicated to the smokers so the smell does not bother rest of the people working in the same workspace.

Multiple Packages and Discounts

E-Baithak offers economical packages which are affordable. The company has introduced variety to help the customers. Packages can be availed on daily, weekly and monthly basis. The price starts from as low as 400 rupees daily while monthly packages can be availed for as low as 5000 rupees.

E-Baithak also offers discounts from time to time which can help the customers book their workspace for even less money.

While E-baithak is not open to the public yet, interested parties can visit. Here are a couple of pictures from the coworking space.

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