Met Office Warns Pakistan Will Not See Spring Season in the Future

Islamabad Met Office has announced bad news for everyone, not just Islamabadis – we may not be seeing Spring season in Pakistan in the coming years.

Global warming comes with a lot of dangerous and hazardous effects, most of them will be experienced by people living in the equatorial belt including Pakistan. The Met Office at Islamabad has issued a warning about the levels of pollution harming the country’s seasonal changes, weather and climate.

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Consistent Heat Waves

As it is, Pakistan has been experiencing rising temperatures for some time now and the heat waves in recent years in the hottest months of the year are proof of that.

Even though the mornings are pleasant right now, the Met Office has recorded temperatures going up to 25°C and March has just started. The Met Office has also warned people to gear up for harsher weather in the coming months.

The officials are most concerned and astonished by the fact that a 0.8°C rise in temperature was recorded in a single year. Pakistan hasn’t faced such a drastic change in temperature in the past century, let alone a single year.

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Pakistan Facing The Worst of Climate Change

This has serious implications not only for the existence of the spring season but also generally regarding the ecosystem and the agricultural pattern of the country. More droughts and failed crops should be expected by farmers in the coming years as well and the government should be preparing for a fall in the supply of food crops.

The floods experienced during the monsoon season have also been occurring every year since 2010. This alone should be a major warning for the government and Pakistanis in general.

Pakistan is also expected to run out of water by 2025 due to climate change and rampant deforestation among other reasons.

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  • Pakistanis don’t care about this they’re still going to ruin the environment. Their only concerns lie in babbling about non, issues and sub standard entertainment trends. Start a discussion about politics,dramas,movies,actors,actresses etc and here they come barking, and defending their “ideals”.

    • Don’t forget Metro or Orange line train project! Bullet Train might be promised in return for 2018 election victory by Noon League! Anyway, Leaders money is outside safe in Panama, it’s the ordinary Pakistanis like us who’ll suffer and been suffering for so many years! May Allah have mercy on this country!

      • Public transport services cause more pollution? The alternative, private transports, are a better solution?

        • He is talking about the environmental cost of such projects. Look at what Islamabad metro did to the green belts on Jinnah avenue and 9th avenue. They don’t exist anymore.

          • It can be carefully planned, but Mass Transit is the only solution. You do realize that the whole Islamabad city was build on Forest to begin with…

          • My vote will be for the one who promises that if he comes in power he will remove every last piece of this stupid project that has killed this city of ours. Jangla right till the parliament, sharifs of raiwind are senseless morons.

      • Actually building a mass transit system (specially electric like Orange Line) would be helpful here. If we can reduce the number of vehicles on the road, we can bring down the level of air and noise pollution in our cities.

  • When met office predicts rain there is “no rain”,
    When met office predicts no rain there is “heavy rain”
    Don’t take the met office clowns seriously!

    • A typical pakistani response. we people damn care for future. we are onl concerned for our today. Regardless the effectiveness of predictions by met office, it is a reality that we are facing rise in temperature and the climate changes are making the conditions more difficult. But nothing to worry about. Just stay calm and keep on making the orange and apple trains and cutting down the trees or forests coming across these trains.

      • Why don’t we just let start doing something in practical rather than ranting here on someones comment! Lets set an example for others!

          • Hmm..How about a move against the timber mafia and planting trees..Lots of them..Like a billion trees will really help..We can call it something like “a billion trees tsunami”..Great idea, wonder if anyone thought of it already?

          • Weather patterns are changing that,s why what they predict is not coming true..its an alarming sign… i am a PMLN supporter but i liked it when Imran khan said he wants to grow 1 billion trees in kpk.. This type of emergency is required on Environmental front. I hate it when government announced a coal power plant in Sahiwal , i mean why coal man why? IF Khan delivered on 30 percent of his promise of this venture i will vote him just for this vision. Because i dont want to see Pakistan ending up Somthing like Somalia etc

  • Billion tree Campaigns should be executed by Punjab, Sind and Baluchistan also not just roads and trains…

  • pakistan dont give a fuck cuz we have some of the most idiotic & pathetic politicians and authority’s to ruin or beloved country :'(

  • lol.

    we need citations and proof read research. not assumptions

    pakistan is contributing the least towards climate change but will be affected the most

    • What we can do is that at least try to reverse the damage on the local level or at the very VERY least not make it worse by adding things like coal plants and more concrete jungles?

  • Reading the comments one gets the impression that this is a Pakistani problem alone; disconnected and isolated from the rest of the world. Pakistan is not isolated from the rest of the world; our environment is part of the global ecosystem. Its not that we are the only one contributing to it, the entire world has done so, some more than others, though. Its the global climate that is heating up and effect is being felt from the ice sheets of Iceland to our local climate. Air and water circulates through the entire world and effects the entire global ecosystem.

    • Totally agree with you. However, most of countries are doing their best to eradicate or at least minimize this issue. Take the example of some European countries like Sweden, Denmark. They are running on renewable energy. But, we still relying on fossil fuels which is one of the reason of climate change.

  • Ask the people of Antari planet of Sector 4 Mark 2 of our galaxy How their people ignored such warnings & kept on enjoying their futile & temporary pleasures instead of doing something about it. They were perished & their scientists only option left was to send a space drone & Imprint all the memoirs of their being on to Captain Picard of USS Enterprise after 1000 yrs of their Eraser from existence. :(

  • “Pakistan is also expected to run out of water by 2025 due to climate change and rampant deforestation among other reasons.” Can you please state your sources ? A research paper ? A journal ?

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