Tune.pk Now Allows Everyone to Earn Money Through Video Publishing

Tune.pk is a video sharing site that launched in Pakistan a few years ago and gained popularity with the ban on Youtube. While the ban is now a thing of the past, Tune.pk has continued to flourish and is serving video content to millions of users globally.

The company has introduced monetization to its platform. Content uploaders will be able to earn money from their videos uploaded on tune.pk.

While the feature has been present for some time, users weren’t aware of it. To counter that, Tune.pk has streamlined the process and has added an ‘Earn Money’ button to the top right corner of the video player.

There are two different kinds of monetization strategies available. One is based on revenue sharing entirely. The other is based on promoting user content plus revenue sharing. In the first one, a user earns revenue on their content based on views. In the second one, the CPM is lower and Tune.pk promote the content at their end both on-site and off-site through their social media handles.

The profiling/categorization of users is done on the basis of:

  • Content (The quality, originality, traffic generation on everything that the user is uploading)
  • Source of traffic (Kind of audience that is being served. If the audience is from regions outside Pakistan, CPM offered is more than the usual amount)

The CPM offered ranges between $2-$4.

  • They should also make it clear that what kind of videos are eligible for monetization and how much it would pay per view.

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