India to Stop Work on Controversial Dam in Indus Water Dispute

A delegation led by Indian Indus Water Commissioner PK Saxena has agreed to stop work on the Miyar hydro-electric project.

This was decided during the talks held at the Indus Water Commission in Islamabad at the 13th Indo-Pak Indus Waters Commission conference.. The decision was reached during discussions held on the second and the last day of the conference.

Talks at the conference began yesterday in Islamabad.

Designs To Be Reviewed by India

On Pakistan’s side, Indus Waters Commissioner Mirza Asif Baig said that India will be sharing the new design with them.

He added that India has also agreed to review the design of the Lower Kalnai hydroelectric project which is also disputed between the two countries.

Pakal Dul project was discussed during the second day of the project. The list of project discussed at the conference included Miyar, Lower Kalnai, and Pakal Dul.

Minister of Water and Power Khawaja Asif and Minister of Defence said that dialogue between India and Pakistan on the subject of Indus Water Treaty is in the best interest of the two countries.

The water sharing problem has been plaguing Pakistan since Independence. Back in the 60’s India threatened to stop the water flowing towards Pakistan when the threat of war was looming.

The Indus Water Treaty

The Indus Water Treaty was signed on September 19th, 1960 between Indian PM Nehru and Field Marshal Ayub Khan in Karachi. It was formed to share the water supply in order to avoid future conflict.

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India has been considering its options on how to block or sabotage the water on the 3 rivers that Pakistan has access to. The conference was called in order to reach a decision favorable to both parties.

Via Pakistan Today

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  • As i believe the dispute of water is a dispute of Kashmir, we Pakistani and Indians both don’t care about the people of Kashmir, its just a fight for water….

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