Android Users to Overtake iOS Users in Apps Spending in 2017: Report

Android has finally managed to catch up to iOS when it comes to their users spending money on apps. At least according to a forecast by App Annie.

According to a report released by App Annie, Google Play Store combined with 3rd party Android stores will top Apple’s App Store in 2017 in terms of consumer spending.

China is The Main Culprit

As for how Google managed to surpass Apple, the main reason for that is China, especially because of how Chinese third party Android app stores are a major point of competition in the country. Smartphone manufacturers like Huawei and Xiaomi as well as companies like Tencent and Baidu offer their own custom-flavored app stores for Android apps.

Danielle Levitas, App Annie’s senior vice president of research, says,

What a lot of people don’t realize is how huge China is. Even if device sales slow, it’s the biggest smartphone channel, and that’s not going to change.

Statistics and Predictions

In 2016, third party Android app stores made $10 billion. That number is expected to rise to $36 billion in 2021, according to App Annie.

This year app spending via third party stores is predicted to double which will help Google surpass Apple in 2017. Total app spending is expected to stand at $41 billion this year just a tiny bit higher than Apple’s $40 billion.

Last year Android app spending was $27 billion in total (including third party stores), with Apple leading at $34 billion.

5 Year Prediction

Going 5 years into the future, in 2021 the total app spending is expected to be $139.1 billion with Apple contributing $60 billion to the total amount. Android stores will have a $79.1 billion share.

App Annie’s Data

App Annie provides analytics and market intelligence for app developers. Their reports are cited by industry leaders across the world. The forecast in the above report used data from major publishers economic conditions, conversations with stakeholders and past performance according to Ms. Danielle.


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