A Chinese AI Engineer Just Married a Robot He Created

Have you ever loved something, not a human, but a thing, so much that you decided to tie the knot with it? If you are a normal person living a normal life, chances are that you probably haven’t considered that possibility.

Yet, in a totally absurd story coming out of China, an engineer specializingin the field of Artificial Intelligence has married a robot he created himself.

Meet Zheng Jiajia

Zhen Jiajia used to work for Huawei, the Chinese telecom giant, as an engineer. His work focused on Artificial Intelligence, the field of computer science dedicated to the creation of intelligent machines and making them act and think more like humans.

He also founded a unit specialising in AI and robotics at Huawei. Now, he runs a startup called Brain of Things. However, that’s where the normal part of Zheng’s story ends.

According to local papers, Zheng held an informal wedding ceremony for himself and Yingying— a robot he has created himself. We aren’t quite sure if this is just a stunt to attract attention to his creation or if he really does want to marry a robot. Capable of replying in simple sentences to audio prompts and visually recognizing Chinese characters and images, Yingying functions just like any AI assistant you would find in a smartphone today.

The only difference with Yingying is that it also has a physical body of some kind and, of course, it is married to a human.

“My dream of making my own spouse finally came true,” said Zheng.

For now, the robot is just a stationary object but Zheng wants to give her the ability to walk and do some household chores. His ultimate dream is to build a realistic robot girlfriend.

Source— Xhby

  • Sab say achi baat jab chahay chup kara dain :D

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        Oh Bhai I am in china since many years, Your comment is totally wrong

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      Women empowerment walay kahan gae?
      Kahan gaen NGOs? Where’s Malala and Sharmeen Chinoy?

      Itna zulm is robot k saath ho rha hai aur sab khamosh hain.

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              Bhai chinese hai woh aur khabti wala thora ;)

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      jai ho tuadi

  • ahmadnowaz

    Evolution becoming revolution.

  • The first person jis ki biwi us k isharo per nachay ge. lol

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    Hope he manages to create a baby robot now within a year :P

  • Manoftruth

    This is no robot , Only this man bought S Doll and added a voice feature in it…ooo Aaah aaah ouch..

  • Arslan Arshad

    Lolz… This remind me other things which are famous in China :-D

  • Ali

    Is is the same doll which is available for **** he must just have added sound “Oh my Gohhh Oh My Ghhhh Ahhhh :P

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      Chinese sounds differently ?

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    What has the world come to


    Just like Indian Serial ” Bahu Hamari Rajnikant”

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      For real?

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    Perfect wife for B.job….

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      toba toba

  • Rao Rizwan

    there are better looking S dolls available, atleast he should haven her good looking attractive face.

  • AbdulB1

    I have lived in China for nearly 5 years and let me tell you they have serious awkward sex ratio, there are more males than females (naturally there are more females than males), and many Chinese men will not be able to find a wife. Situation is so desperate in some areas that they go to Vietnam to find brides. I am sure they will come to Pakistan too to find after this CPEC thingy. Pakistan has more women than men.