5 Signs You Are Addicted to Your Smartphone

We can all agree on one thing – we are the generation born with the Smartphones and we are absolutely addicted to it as much as we don’t want to admit it. Our handheld devices are as much a part of us as the oxygen and we breathe and we would rather leave the house not properly dressed than leave our phone behind. The first thing we do in the morning and the last thing we do before going to sleep is checking your phone and that’s how you know that these devices are an essential part of your life now.

These are the five signs that you are most definitely addicted to your smartphone device:

1. You panic when you can’t find your phone

You forget your wallet? Fine. Forget your car keys? Fine. Forget your house keys? Fine. Forget your phone? No way! Run back to the house! Sprint up the stairs! Panic while looking for your phone and then breathe easy when you finally find it. Yes that is an addiction. The alternate choice is just too dark and scary to even consider – no WhatsApp, no music, no Snapchat, and the other million apps that work from your phone.

Even if you haven’t left it at home and just need it find it from the hundred pockets in your outfit and the bags you’re holding, you are still going to panic.

Addiction? Check.

2. Reaching for your phone as an automatic reflex when you’re bored

You go out with your family or friends for dinner and there is a sudden lull in the conversation. What do you do? A normal, not-addicted-to-their-phone person would bring up a new topic to talk about. You, on the other hand, would fish out your phone from your bag and start scrolling through an Instagram or Facebook and checking any notifications you may have.

3. Bad posture

You know that you’re hooked to your smartphone when you’re constantly bent over the screen and your neck starts to hurt. The worst is when you have to consciously remind yourself that you need to sit up straight before your shoulders start hurting again.

4. Your eyesight is screwed and you have a constant headaches

One sure sign of smartphone addiction is a constant headache. This is because of two things that you do all the time – you’re looking at your screen too much and the artificial brightness is hurting your eyes. Your phone is the last thing you look at or work on before sleeping and the first thing you check after you wake up.

5. Feel like you have no purpose when you don’t have your phone

Going to the bathroom without your phone? Not happening! Need some entertainment while pooping, right? And what about watching a movie after keeping your phone away? Can’t happen. Someone might tag you in a Facebook post and then you’ll miss out on it. Or when you’re told to switch off your phone during a talk or an event? You’re definitely grateful for the “Airplane” mode now.

Did you check off all these signs in our list? If yes, then it might be time to admit that you are addicted to your smartphone. It’s no laughing matter and you should start weaning off or get some help.

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