Lenovo Kills the ZUK Smartphone Series

Lenovo is shuttering its ZUK brand of mid-range phones. The ZUK phones, which were popular for offering impressive specs at affordable prices, will now be given the Lenovo Moto title in the future, according to analyst Pan Jiutang.

The brand’s ZUI Android ROM will be used for the Motorola-branded phones in China. The previously rumored ZUK Z3 flagship, as a result, will be canceled.

Too Many Brands?

The official reason for closure was not shared by the Chinese Smartphone maker but one can speculate. Despite being successful enough, ZUK was yet another brand under Lenovo’s already-diverse portfolio which contains Motorola too.

The company has already announced its plans to further streamline its brands under the Lenovo Moto name in the future, though, the list was expected to not have included ZUK. With the company failing to gain much traction as of late, the move could help narrow its focus and cut down on costs in the future.

ZUK Edge and ZUK Z2

The latest phone to come out its doors than was the ZUK Edge, a high-end phone with a 5.5-inch display, SD 821 and 6 GB RAM. The last major launch, the ZUK Z2 (which was the successor to the popular Z1) came with an SD 820, 5-inch FHD display and 3500 mAh battery for around $250.

Two further phones, the ZUK Z2 Pro as well as the popular launch-product, the Z1, winded the company’s portfolio. The brand may not have been very successful in its lifetime of just under 2 years, but the currently available phones still offer great value. Just don’t expect great support from now onwards.

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