Facebook has Blocked Siasat.PK Inside Out

Known for pro-PTI and anti-government stance, the siasat.pk was today banned by Facebook without any notice or warning, we have checked with Siasat.PK management.

A member of team, who spoke with us over phone, confirmed that their Facebook page — with some 3.7 million likes — has been blocked and it is currently not accessible from anywhere in the world.

Moreover, Facebook is also not allowing any Siasat.PK links for sharing on the platform, i.e. if you share any Siasat.PK link on Facebook, it won’t allow you to share the link on your timeline.

Siasat.PK confirmed ProPakistani that Facebook has not emailed them any notice or reason for the blockade of the website on the platform.

It must be mentioned here that whenever there’s a page ban, Facebook notifies the admin with the reason for the ban.

Siasat.PK founder further confirmed us that they reached out to Facebook themselves for a clarification, however, there hasn’t been any response for several hours.

It maybe recalled that Siasat.PK was previously blocked by PTA, which was later unblocked due to public pressure.

While Siasat.PK management is currently not sure, it said that Government (or the PML(N) social media team) could be behind the ban due to its anti-government stance.

Siasat.PK claimed that a complain was lodged by PTA to block Siasat.pk’s Facebook page. “Facebook, under the recent contract with Interior ministry, is bound to block any page for which a directive is received through PTA”, the website admin further claimed.

When ProPakistani asked PTA for a viewpoint, it said that regulator didn’t block the website neither it asked anyone for the same.

Internet users are already protesting the ban and #WeStandWithSiasatpk is currently in top trends in Pakistan on on twitter.

Tech reporter with over 10 years of experience, founder of ProPakistani.PK

  • Blocked for Pro-PTI and anti-government stance? oh come on, If that was true ProPakistani.PK would have been banned a long time ago.

    They must have breached Facebook policies somehow as they offer paid promotions etc.

    • they must have ? lol . so here comes the pandits predicting everything without knowing anything. idiot

      • Hey kiddo, stop humiliating yourself. Did I claim anything for certain?

        It is a fact that Facebook is going pretty hard against hate speech and offensive content. Just 2 days ago they’ve announced to hire 3000 more editors to stop people from abusing this online community.

        Do yourself a favor, think before you type!

        • Just 2 days ago they’ve announced to hire 3000 more editors to stop people from abusing this online community.

          Mery bhai idhr abuse ka mtlb rape, murder ya blackmailing jaisa kuch hai. Nawaz sharif ko galiyan dena nhi hai.

  • Siasat.pk violated the facebook policies. The articles were plagiarized and it was reported many times for violation and theft of content from other blogs and sites. In Pakistan everyone wants to become a victim to gain sympathy and that is what siasat.pk is doing.
    Sooner Javed Chaudary’s webpage will be gone as It is a CLICK BAIT site and then Javed Chaudary will whine as well.

  • Facebook do not tolerate Plagiarism and media content theft. Siasat.pk is clearly violating Facebook politicies by uploading all the copyrighted content without the permission. It is a clear violation of terms and conditions. Not only siasat.pk but awaz.tv and pakdramasonline.com, unewstv.com, zemtv.com and so many Pakistani websites are known for content theft.

    Siasat.pk is earning millions of rupees from Media content theft. They upload the content ( media and audio ) without approval and earn millions through Illegal videos ( Google adwords and others). They are not the victim but the criminals in this regard.

  • Every content they post on their website is stolen from some TV channel. If they want to earn legally then they should have a contract with the TV channels. And according to you if they are anti government platform they they’d get a cheap contract easily.

  • Thats bound to happen when you rely on Facebook, after all its their play field they can do whatever they want. And we can just bully about it and nothing else. Not sure why we can’t imagine life without facebook/social media these days, this hole is getting deeper and deeper by every passing day.

  • Wah kiya baat hai, Mtlb Govt and Facebook management mein aggrement hogaya hai. Good Work by GoP.

  • Molana Abdul Aziz kay sabqa wakeel ko jo hoshyari aai hoi thi os ka kya hoya?

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