FIA To Take Action Against Social Media Users Posting Against Pak Army

Cyber Crime Wing of Federal Investigation Authority (FIA) has been ordered by the Interior Minister, Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan to take immediate action against any person or group involved in dishonoring or maligning the name of Pakistan Army on social media.

He stated that the Constitution of Pakistan allows for freedom of expression but that guarantee is not applicable to matters of security and defense. The constitution clearly says that when it comes to matters of defense or any relevant organization, it cannot be criticized publicly and no citizen is allowed to indulge in any activity which can negatively impact the prestige, respect and the repute of the armed forces of Pakistan.

His public statement said, “Ridiculing the army or its officers under the garb of freedom of expression is unacceptable.”

Chaudhry Nisar said that targeting a disciplined and reputed organization of Pakistan was not only a matter of concern but a serious offense and strict action will be taken against those who are involved in the deed, regardless of whether it was intentional or unintentional.

FIA has been directed by the minister to take action against all people involved in such a condemnable act without any discrimination and irrespective of their party affiliation, group or profession.

Sources suggest that these instructions were issued after social media users started criticizing military establishment after its recent issue with the government over the Dawn Leaks issue. Social media critics have been questioning the ISPR’s public rejection of an order issued from the PM office.

The controversial tweet has since been recanted by ISPR spokesmen, however, it remains undeleted. Many are pointing out the army’s lenient stance over the Dawn Leaks issue.

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  • Strange :
    Jab tak (His Highness General Raheel Sharif) Sahab they :
    Tab to Na Awam Na Politician Na Media Kuch Bolta tha :
    Jab Se (His Highness General Qamar Javed Bajwa) Sahab Aye hai
    Her Koi ARMY K Khailaaf Q Bol Raha Hai ?

  • First of All CH. Nisar should take action against his Fellows i.e. Khawaja Asif etc for maligning Army and Ch Nisar Shpuld also step down for his comments against ISI on 1st May 2K17

      • There was nothing against the country in Dawn leaks. Army itself is now getting rid of so called Islamic extremists.

        • LOL! it’s not about ISLAM it’s about how a closed room meeting talk gets out and why our so called LAW do difference between elite and poor while doing justice. Why she got spare…

          And also I am so pissed off when guys like you who can do namaz-e-janaza, nikkah without a movli and blame for your weakness to a molvi..

          According to you morons nazubillah dont remember the name of calipah who sent troops to kill the first fitna is an islamic extremists.

          And you the result of porn movie after sex claim to be MUSLIM….

          • Sorry, the language and narration of your comment doesn’t qualify to get a reply.
            Why we love Panama Leaks and hate Dawn Leak? when we all know Leak is always an inside hidden news.

          • ghar mai beth kai har koi keh sakta hai, freedom of speech don’t exist in reality. try calling out USA army in USA or German gov in Germany.
            “Freedom of speech” is a weapon that is only used against Muslims

            • Trump attacked the US army as being incompetent and said the I know more than the generals and they are dumb, in USA and he’s the president now.

              You can watch Klaus Myers on youtube, making fun of German gov, in germany.

              • i’m talking about people not the celebrity or gov authorities.
                Check out how US deals with protesters and how UK kick out civilians who try to create fuss.
                Or just recently check how Erdogan bodyguards shut the protesters in Washington, USA. Brutal.

  • Good Decision, People only blame ARMY for everything, they never stood for their rights just waiting for ARMY to do everything

    • Lol what type of rights Army wants? They can do anything they want…our Army knows only one thing just Muk muka with politicians…and just to lick politicians boots…thats it!!

  • This action by FIA is really appreciated, Kash ye decesion kuch month before kiya hota

  • Jis din Pakistan corrupt siyasatdano, Mulla aur Military ki ijara dari aur shikanjay se aazad ho gaya, us din se is bad naseeb mulk ki taqdeer badal jayegi.

      • تو میں نے کب کہا کہ تقدیر خود بخود بدلتی ہے
        یہ انسان کے اپنے ہی ہاتھوں میں ہوتی ہے
        اگر وہ اس کو بدلنے کی ٹھان لے تو بے شک بہت کچھ کر سکتا ہے.
        ترقی یافتہ ممالک کی مثال سب کے سامنے ہے

    • Aur jis din numaish pe janazay rakh kar road block hona khatam hounge us din Karachi bhi taraqqi kr jaega.

  • The best thing is that Army as a disciplined and patriotic body should concentrate on its own job which is very demanding especially the Eastern Front which is the breeding ground of all problems in Pakistan. Army personnel should refrain from making any comments against the government within its own circles and also on social media because they fall under the supreme hierarchy of political system. People still respect Pakistan Army a lot but Prime Minister enjoys the highest degree of respect. Everyone of us have to remain in respective domains and respect each other. Remain professional and dedicated and enjoy respect. Pakistan Army Zinda Abad. You have to take Kashmir for us don,t forget it. Insha Allah

  • Meanwhile Mr Bean spook against ISI on Media but doesn’t takes action against himself..

    • on old ages .. “bharoopias” were given licence to make fun of people. and these are some of them

  • Chalo bhai gayi bhains paani main… Terrorists ko chor ke FIA aur PAK ARMY:D aam admi ke peechay paray gi :D :D :D

  • yani.. “hun banda gal v na kray” !!!! General Musharraf was the best man ! now i’m praising army? will i be taken in notice???

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