Khud Mukhtar: Business Idea Competition Launched for Disabled Pakistanis

NOWPDP is gearing for a new economic empowerment initiative for people with disabilities (PWDs) in order to give them the tools necessary to succeed in the business world.

Equal opportunity is hard to find in Pakistan which makes it all the more important for NGOs like NOWPDP to offer PWDs a chance.

About The Company

The organization was established back in 2008 “as a disability inclusion initiative”. Since then NOWPDP has launched several programs for educational and economic empowerment of PWDs, including Dastoor and Yaqeeen among others.

Through Dastoor, we train persons with disabilities in market-relevant skills that enhance their employability. The program yaqeeen partners with corporates to make them inclusive from infrastructural, policy, and attitudinal point of view.

Up till now, folks at NOWPDP have trained more than 560 persons and created 250+ job placements. This was possible thanks to their partnership with Engro and HBL among others.

Khud Mukhtar Competition

Their current initiative, called “Khud Mukhtar”, aims to teach entrepreneurial skills t0 PWDs to help them kickstart their own businesses. For this purpose, NOWPDP has partnered with IBA and Planet N Group.

Khud Mukhtar is a startup idea competition where PWDs ideas for business will be “invited, vetted, funded, and supported”. Up to 10 ideas will be entertained through through seed-funding and mentorship support.

Who Can Apply?

  • The competition is based in Karachi and is limited to people within the ages of 18 – 40 years.
  • Participants can compete individually or in groups.
  • If you wish to participate as a group you can’t have more than 4 persons on your team.
  • Participants should know how to read and write, however if they  are participating in a group, at least one person in the group should be literate.
  • Should have a valid SCNIC/Disability certificate.
  • People with disabilities are defined as physically, visually, hearing, speech and intellectually challenged persons.

You will be required to submit your business plan and register for the competition until May 2017. Mentorship sessions will be held in June following selection with the final event to be held in July.

You can register for the competition by clicking here and filling out the form.

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  • A good step towards empowering PWDs. Such steps should be undertaken in other cities as well.

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