Political Victimization? FIA Arrests PTI Activists Under Cyber Crime Law

It seems experts weren’t wrong when they showed concerns over the cybercrime bill and its potential to be used as a political weapon against opposition parties and freedom of speech. Only a few weeks after Information Minister, Marriyum Aurangzeb, warned of action against anyone who speaks against the Prime Minster’s family, a member of the PTI social media team has been arrested.

The cybercrime bill was meant to guarantee public safety and proper use of the web, however, the gravest of concerns seem to be coming to fruition as the government continues to use the bill for its political gain and as a private tool to prevent defamation.

According to PTI’s Central Core Committee member, Qasim Khan Suri, Salar Kakar Sultanzai, former information secretary of PTI Balochistan, has been taken into custody.

He tweeted “Was with Salar Khan in FIA office…He’s being taken to Islamabad. Proud of our boy!”

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Qasim Khan also shared a notice served to Salar by the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA), asking him to appear before the FIA’s counter terrorism wing by today.

The incident was confirmed by Salar through his Twitter account. He was upset over FIA’s order to submit his laptop and mobile phone.

This does not seem to be the only such incident. PTI Chairman, Imran Khan, suggests that its social media activists are being targeted by the government and have been threatened or arrested.

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While the use of such measures is acceptable in the case of actual cybercrimes or online propaganda against critical government institutions like the army, it certainly isn’t democratic to threaten, arrest or victimise opposition for political gain. If anyone is indeed suspected of such deeds, the FIA should take action against them immediately.

In this case, if Salar was actually a culprit or there was any evidence against him, the FIA would have immediately confiscated his laptop and mobile phone. A real culprit obviously won’t leave any evidence against his activities on his laptop or mobile phone if given any amount of time.

Cybercrime law is definitely a need of the time but the way it is implemented and perceived by officials can either mean it ends up guaranteeing our digital rights or become a tool for authoritarianism and censorship.

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  • The laws in this country are not for the people. They never are. They are for the ‘powerful’ people, who use the law as their personal vendetta machine. And i am not saying regarding this specific case only.

    • I laughed at what writer has mentioned —- “A real culprit obviously won’t leave any evidence against his activities on his laptop or mobile phone if given any amount of time.”

      One without any bias should read comments, abuse, threats of PTI, PMLN supporters on social media. Both sides have crossed all limits and have divided Pakistan so much that both sides are naming each other with animal names. But at the end Pakistani nation is showing its true colors, not patwaris or youthyas.

      Political intolerance is no more, PPP and PMLN learned a lot with time while PTI is in the process. We are not looking at facts, we are not trying to know facts but we see who is saying this.

      We are giving all silly arguments to justify the side one is politically in favor of, people are lying to any possible extent, they are literally making stories, be it a 16 years old boy or 60 years old man..to win the debate, to satisfy our own selves that we are on the right side.

    • I cant decide whats more awkward, the news itself or the attitude of youthias “Proud of our boy”. I mean the guy is being charged under a law and he is being glorified for this – Pathetic.

      • He is being politically charged not for criminal activity that’s why he is not ashamed. This government can’t take rightful criticism.

      • Isn’t this how all political parties used to ‘take a stand’? Remember what happened after Model Town incident? Gullu Butt openly smashing cars? You can carry on with the long list of such incidents, but the fact remains that all political parties are guilty of glorifying such pathatic stuff. Ironically enough, they do get the end result beneficial for them … kinda.

  • Is it a news for such a blog? Seriously ProPakistani what are you doing. Please don’t involve in Politics. You have a reputation. You are going to become ProPTI instead of ProPakistani.

      • Dear Aamir

        Propakistani is the only blog in pakistan which has been able to establish itself as an international standard, well edited, focused blog.

        Unfortunately lately, your personal biases are now risking this effort. My advice is to sit back and evaluate the cost vs benefit of this, before it becomes another of PTI’s social media dump.

      • Aamir bhai, aap sy to FIA HQ be itna dour nahe ha ;)
        But ye to aap ko bhe pata ha kuch nahe hona.. warna ARY band hota, aur 2-3 nahe 2-3000 band hotay andar.

        Is bandy ny kisi aur ki duum py pao rakha ha :p

      • then why are you writing in support of censorship by saying that we can’t criticize the army? what is this backward attitude?

  • if its a Pro Pti post The Noonies need to give evidence how many N league Political activists are captured after implementation of cyber LAW.. Daramye karna band karoo its not PTI vs N league its about misuse of LAW for own benefits which can be used by any party in Power so bill need to be recheck .. Har Criticism ko “Ghadaari” Say link karna tabahi ki tarf lay kay jaye ga koom ko..

  • Apart from all the hue and cry due to the arrested person being a youthia, this person is charged under a law and is being required to clarify his position. Maybe he is guilty of something or maybe not, let the legal proceeding decide that. To raise such an alarm in advance doesn’t make any sense.

  • Well … Amir Aata proves it time and time again… In blog post, they never wrote “why” they taken in to custody… There just be a reason, a good reason… PTI social media team, don’t know ethics… They freely talk on women and abuse them. They have proved past!!! Aata baby is weeping, which is good to see… ;)

    But mr Aata, you do whatever, turn your blog political, or do what else, remember that Imran khan will throw you in dustbin very shortly… It’s his nature!!!

    Propakistani RIP.

    • Looooooool!
      Aamir is NOT working for/with PTI or IK.

      Ghulami se nikal aao bhai ab tou.

  • Let’s report the blog to FIA. This is spreading hate Instead of “IT” news.. :)

  • Activists needs to learn the rights of others before claiming their own…example is there for recent tweet story against fatmi…lol

  • >While the use of such measures is acceptable in the case of online propaganda against critical government
    institutions like the army,

    No it isn’t. The army is not some sacred cow that you can’t criticize. It is precisely because of attitudes like these that our rulers can pass such laws and our country remains a backward basket case.

  • Aadil Shadman the pro poti ki misaal us langoor ki si hey jis k haath main keley ki bajaey qalm pakra diya gya ho.

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