Nayatel is Finally Coming to Bahria Town Islamabad

Nayatel will be allowed to offer its services in Bahria Town Islamabad. The Competition Appellate Tribunal, in its recent ruling, has decided on the case. Now Nayatel can offer its services in Bahria Town phase 1 to 6.

Previously, Nayatel was not allowed to offer its services in Bahria Town Islamabad (phase 1 to 6) due to its exclusive contract with PTCL. Due to those terms, Bahria Town residents were left with only one option for wired broadband services.

The case was taken up by Competition Commission of Pakistan after residents of the area complained. After hearing the parties, the Commission fined Bahria Town with Rs. 2 million and asked Nayatel to start a survey for deployment of its services in the locality.

Bahria Town and PTCL, after losing the case with CCP, jointly went to Competition Appellate Tribunal to challenge CCP’s ruling.

The Tribunal heard the case but upheld CCP’s decision and asked Bahria Town to facilitate Nayatel in deploying its FTTH services in the area.

With this new development, Nayatel will finally be able to offer its FTTH broadband internet, TV and telephony services in Bahria Town phase 1 to 6.

It must be mentioned here that Bahria Town and PTCL still have the choice of going to Supreme Court of Pakistan against Competition Appellate Tribunal’s ruling.

CCP, in its original decision, had asked Bahria Town to work with any other potential telecom player that may want to offer services in its locality.

This new ruling is going to set a precedent for other housing societies and localities that used to sign exclusive contracts with a single telecom operator in an effort to block all other ICT infrastructure providers from offering services to the consumers.

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  • Shuker hay khuda ka
    Residence of bahria cursing PTCL day n night. And dying to get another operater to start services in bahria, specially nayatel. PTCL IPTV and DSL sucks in bahria.
    We can bet on it that people will switch to nayatel in one month.

    • I reside in Gulrez colony that is adjacent to Bahria town. We have been enjoying Nayatel’s premium services for a long time, on the other side our friends from Bahria town have always been wishing to get Nayatel or at least get rid of the below par PTCL. It’s a big news for them. Cheers!

  • Finally Trans World Homes being partner with DHAI Teleman launching its data services in DHAI Phase 2 initially

  • The title is misleading TBH, they’re not coming yet. PTCL has just setup GPON in most of the Phases in Bahria Town and back-bone has been changed to Fiber for most, they’ll not let Nayatel come easily. My guess is they’ll appeal in the Supreme court and drag it, if nothing else.

  • Are Bahria Town residents willing to settle for overpriced and outdated packages of Nayatel? I know PTCL isn’t very reliable, but you’re talking about Nayatel’s 5mbps limited internet during day and 10mbps unlimited at night versus PTCL’s truly unlimited packages up to 100mbps.

    • StormFiber all the way. It is the only real threat to Nayatel besides Transworld. Transworld TES has bandwidth pricing advantage over all companies.

      • I really hope Stormfiber comes to Islamabad and Rawalpindi and kicks Nayatel’s ass. Nayatel has gotten incredibly greedy. Heck they openly admit they charge so much because they don’t have any competition here.

        • Not so easy. If nayatel upgrades its packages and makes them unlimited, it will need to do this across the Board and this is not feasible. Their bandwidth costs with double and make it unviable.
          Nayatel is pioneer and will increase bandwidth in time. No need to criticise Nayatel.

          • Yes because it’s poor old Nayatel that has to pay bandwidth costs. Stormfibre, Fiberlink etc are all working on government subsidies with their 100mbps packages. All Nayatel is doing is minting as much cash as they can before Stormfibre and others come and destroy them.

            I used to be a huge advocate of Nayatel services, which are still top of the line. But they’re living 10 years in the past when it comes to their packages.

            Plus I’m not saying make all packages unlimited. But give the option to those who are willing to pay for them. I pay PTCL 7500/month for a 30mbps package in addition to what I pay to Nayatel. I’ll gladly pay Nayatel 8500/month for the same package. Just give me the option!

  • It’s not happening. @aamir

    Bahria Town has filed a case with Supreme Court regarding this matter.

    Only after the results of that will we know for sure whether Nayatel will be allowed here or not.

  • since when Bahria Town becomes Bahria Town Islamabad? that’s Bahria Enclave which is Islamabad.

    Nayatel is overrated anyway, though it’s pretty stable the packages are worthless for any user who have multiple user’s or is a streaming/downloading buff.

    PS since the forced/quick ptcl fixing/recovery and the boxes they are fixing outside (if you Don’t have been fixed with this you can buy one for 500) you can recieve 12mb almost stable internet.

  • “This new ruling is going to set a precedent for other housing societies and localities that used to sign exclusive contracts with a single telecom operator”

    I think as a buyer, we should also consider Internet services of a new society before buying land/house

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