PTCL Expands its Reach to Europe

PTCL has announced expanding its reach to Europe through Sparkle, its long term partner in the region, leveraging Sparkle’s open ecosystem and rich marketplace at Sicily Hub in Palermo.

Sparkle is the international service arm of TIM Group and ranks among the top 10 global operators.

Through the Sicily Hub, PTCL will be able to peer with the world’s major content, media and CDN service providers already active in the Sicily Hub.

This hub remains the closest European open ecosystem to the MENA Region. It provides improved latency and overall network efficiency to operators seeking to expand their presence in Europe.

The increased quality will allow PTCL to effectively deliver on-demand as well as bandwidth-intensive content and provide its users with enhanced data experience.

With its ever-growing presence of multi-breed global players, the Sicily Hub continues to expand by attracting new content and interconnections, configuring itself as a rich marketplace where service providers, content and media players, and system integrators have an opportunity to grow their business.

PTCL’s presence in the Sicily Hub will also generate additional efficiencies for PTCL in terms of improved control over routing and IP traffic flows. In addition, Palermo also presents a strategic presence for PTCL as it provides additional access to its SMW4 and IMEWE cable systems.

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      • Bhai Europe ja Ni rha, wahan sy connectivity ly rha, ik tu heading click bait wali Hai, uper sy log bhi andha dhundh article parhy begair comment kerny lg jaty hain ?

        • Lol If what you said is true then that proves we are all idiots xP Should have read the article first Haha. Impatience ..

    • This article doesn’t mean PTCl is going to Europe it means to improve PTCL’s Services in Pakistan it Joint Venture with TIM group to Improve communication between Europe and Pakistan such as Improve Latency, less data travel time etc.

      • Allah waalyo PTCL HElpLine barri Aaala ho gai hain
        Could u believe that I make a Complain and after ending My Call to HelpLine I received Call from the Department within 1Min
        I was Amazaed and My problem was solved online withing 5 mins


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  • May be in this way PTCL comes to know what are consumer rights and what they can do to you in case of “Bad Service”. :)

  • Hamaray muhallay main to PTCL hai nahi….kai saal pehlay underground fibre optic kharab hui thi jo aap tak theek nahi hui. Saaray connections khatam kar diye. Chal diye dunya ko service denay!!

  • In Europe Vs Pakistan : After successfully PTCL Reached at Europe :

    Pak to Europe : Brother Kun Sa Internet Use Kar Rahe Ho ?

    Europe to Pak : PTCL Ka :

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  • 4mb/s k connection per IDM se 100-150kb/s a rahi hoti hai…

    Europe waly Laat Mar Kar nikaly gay, inn ko….

    Europe mein 250mb/s see 300mb/s tak use kar rahy hain…
    aur idhar pakistan mein Internet itna mahnga hai k 4mb/s ka connection bhi aik banda akela nahi lagwa sakta

  • Dil krta ha dewar me apna sarr bar bar maarun ! O Allah ke bandon, PTCL walon pehle Pakistan me to ache service dene lag jao !

  • As far as I can understand, they are peering with Sparkle, right? They are not actually going to provide network connections there in Europe, correct me if I’m wrong because CDNs and peering is one domain I’m not so good at. What I can understand is that it will help the PTCL users in Pakistan in terms of connectivity between Europe and here. Maybe.

  • Khairpur Mirs or Tando-bago tak bhi REACH barha len PEE-TEE-CEE-YELL. Europe to phr bhi buht douur hai…

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