Punjab Food Authority Has Banned These 50 Oil & Ghee Products

Punjab Food Authority (PFA) has been actively monitoring daily use food items following the Supreme Court’s order against certain milk brands. In March, the authority sampled 142 oil, ghee and banaspati products from 120 companies. The results from Pakistan Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (PCSIR), which tested the samples under different criteria, have now been made public.

From a total of 142 products, 92 passed, 26 failed and were listed as “dangerous to health” while 24 did not meet the recommended nutritional standards.

PFA has requested the public to avoid the available stock of products which failed the tests. The authorities have been tasked to remove the failed products from the market. Companies, whose products failed the tests, have been fined one million rupees each.

Those companies which did not meet the recommended nutritional standards have been asked to improve their product quality within one month. After the time limit ends, their products will be sampled and tested again.

Harmful Products

According to the report from PCSIR, the following cooking oil, banaspati and ghee products were deemed harmful to health and will be removed from shelves immediately:

  • Zaiqa Banaspati
  • Evian Flower Oil
  • Mujahid Banaspati
  • Kisan Sunflower Oil
  • Kausar Banaspati
  • Gaye Banaspati
  • Savera Banaspati
  • Seasons Banaspati
  • Commander Banaspati
  • Sultan Banaspati
  • Salvi Banaspati
  • Shahtaj Banaspati
  • Sehr Banaspati
  • Sehr Cooking Oil
  • Amber Banaspati
  • Pure Oil Premier Banaspati
  • Yadgar Banaspati
  • Darja-e-Awal Banaspati
  • Darja-e-Awal Cooking Oil
  • Asia Banaspati
  • Shahbaz Banaspati
  • Care Banaspati
  • Latif Banaspati
  • Hafeez Banaspati
  • Taza Banaspati
  • Dua Banaspati

Unhealthy Products

PCSIR also confirmed that several tested samples did not meet the international standards for nutritional values. These products will be tested again within one month to see if the quality has been improved. If not, companies will be asked to halt production with immediate effect.

The names of the products are listed below:

  • Shan Cooking Oil
  • Islamabad Cooking Oil
  • Marwa Cooking Oil
  • Evian Cooking Oil
  • Asia Pure Cooking Oil
  • Islamabad Banaspati
  • Handi Cooking Oil
  • Shahtaj Premier Cooking Oil
  • Ashiana Banaspati
  • Mumtaz Banaspati
  • Data Banaspati
  • Prime Banaspati
  • Handi Banaspati
  • Ghausia Banaspati
  • Meher Banaspati
  • Soya Supreme Banaspati
  • Inam Banspati
  • Rani Gold Banaspati
  • Taza Gold Banaspati
  • Rehmat Banaspati
  • Suad Banaspati
  • Malta Banaspati
  • Khyber Banaspati
  • Askari Banaspati

Sampling & Testing Process

PFA has announced that it will test the quality of cooking oils and ghees at least two times every year. These tests will be pre-announced while one surprise test will also be conducted. During the tests, samples will be acquired in the presence of a company representative.

Samples are tested by PCSIR, which is an ISO-certified international standard laboratory. All companies are offered ample time to resolve issues in quality before and after the tests are carried out. The authority will take action against any party which violates PFA’s regulations.


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  • This is what Punjab is far ahead than other, really appropriate this will help to control health issues and eventually less number of hospitals required Now we need to enforce traffic laws to reduce accidents and load of hospitals will reduce. Also we should change food pattern of our life style.

  • Foji or askari banspati ka naam list main shamil kr kay hakoomat kya sabit krna chahti hai?

  • Alhamdolillah, all five brands being manufactured in my small city “Lodhran” are found to be safe.

    • Baray Mian nay Lodhran k liye package ka ailaan kiya tha, kitna kaam huwa hai wahan us se abhi tak?

  • Plz any one hv ideas PFA didn’t take Reshwat from any company ? Coz over all this is Pakistan ?

    • If they would have taken bribe then names of these companies you wont see in the list.

  • Good job I was very upset about all the dangerous and unhealthy products in Pakistan and IN SHA ALLAH will expose everything 1 by 1. There are also I think other products to. Specialy. Tang. Slanty. White flour. Gluten products Specialy noodles. Juices. Shezan. Nestle. Ice creams.milk. And kids candies. And other stuff. I am not seeing any healthy products in Pakistan which is shame for our country. Our generation is in dangerous. They are not getting proper nutritions and minerals. Which is must for youngsters. They are the future. I hope you guys will will do the same as I do. Expose them and share with family to stop eating these things. Look at ingredients and search on Internet. You will get the information about what it is. Thanks

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