Is Atif Bajwa Going to be the Next Governor of SBP?

While we know that Government of Pakistan is actively looking for next Governor of State Bank of Pakistan, the rumors had it that Atif Bajwa, the President and CEO of Bank Alfalah might be named as the next governor of State Bank of Pakistan.

Mr. Bajwa, however, denied the rumors.

While speaking with ProPakistani, Atif Bajwa said that there are no talks on the matter and what social media is feeding the people is simply not correct.

If reports are to be believed than Mr. Bajwa isn’t leaving Bank Alfalah any time soon.

After complication of three years term as governor of SBP, Mr. Ashraf Mahmood Wathra stepped down from his position in April this year.

After Mr. Wathra’s departure, the Government has yet failed to appoint a full time governor of the central bank.

It notes mentioning here that Mr. Riaz Riazuddin is currently working as acting governor of the bank.

During this, a message was circulating on social media which read:

“Aftif Bajwa has been confirmed as SBP Governor. Just the notification to be circulated. Nouman Ansari is taking over as the CEO and President of Bank Alfalah.” The Social media massage says.

  • My condolences to all SBP employees!

    Why, you ask? Ask those in Al-Falah how much they had to suffer during Mr. Bajwa’s as Al-Falah’s C.E.O. He remains one of THE most hated C.E.O.s of Al-Falah, MCB, Soneri and soon to be added, SBP!

    Well known for his ruthless & cruel policies towards workers in general.

    • True said.He may be a good a good administrator, but surely not a good manager. Bank Alfalah was once known as one of the best employers and now most of the staff is looking to switch over.

  • Article full of spelling mistakes. seems the author was in hurry and didn’t bother to proof read before posting…

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