These Blind Girls Are Becoming Haafiz e Quran Using Braille

A group of 8 blind students from Malaysia are attempting to memorize the entire Holy Quran with the help of Braille – a tactile writing system used by people who are blind or visually impaired.

Born blind, these students are part of a 1,000 strong group at the Darul Quran school learning and memorizing the holy book.

They decided to not to let their inability come their way in becoming Haafiz e Quran.

“They must try to memorise one to two pages a day. You usually have to read a page 30 to 40 times to help you memorise,” said their teacher Ahmad Qusairi Mat Zizi, who is also blind.

During the holy month of Ramzan, these eight students fast and dedicate their days to learning the holy text by heart. They move their fingers across the Braille and show absolutely no sign of fatigue whatsoever.

The students use local copies of Quran written in Braille, which come in six huge volumes.

One of the students Nur Basyirah Azhar said:

My motivation to come here, first of all, is for my family and for myself, and because I like to memorize the Quran and that is one of my ambitions.

According to Mr. Ahmad, these students can opt for additional Islamic studies at university level once they complete their current course.

He also said that there are other Malaysian institutes which are offering the same services and helping blind children learn Quran.

Recently, Malaysia’s Deputy Prime Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi said 125,000 Malaysians would have memorized the Quran by 2025.

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  • this propakistani is very obsolete… should I laugh or praise you? this is already happening in Pakistan since ages…. please equip your research department if you want to be a reputable news site. don’t make cheap money…

    • have seen Braille Quran back in Saudia and though I’ve never seen one in Pakistan, this news say something really different that you might have skipped …

      these students are not learning to read Quran, they are trying to memorize (two different things).

      and im not too sure why this news is here as its nor technological or pakistani.

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