PIA Paid Millions of Rupees to Bugatti (by Mistake)

Everyone makes mistakes and its common knowledge. However, PIA’s recent mistake has ended up costing the national air carrier millions of Rupees.

According to PIA’s management, the airline paid Rs. 54.5 million to Bugatti Automobiles due to a procedural mistake.

A spokesperson from PIA claims that the payment was made due to an irregularity on its part and not due to corruption. The PIA spokesperson further added that the company wants to keep its policies transparent. Interrogations are underway and the auditor general has been informed about any related objections.

FIA Looking Into The Matter

The Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) is investigating the issue as well due to the violation of Public Procurement Rules 2004. There were irregularities in PIA’s payments made to Bugatti for procuring brakes used in Boeing and Airbus planes.

According to PIA’s Audit Report 2016, the original manufacturer of the brake parts was not revealed. Furthermore, the brake makers were also given the authority to increase prices of these parts after the contract was signed.

“Cutting Costs”

This move comes just a day after PIA announced cost cutting operations for its Cabin Crew lobby. The new measures are expected to decrease costs of flight operations by 30%.

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Earlier, PML-N Senator Mushahidullah Khan impersonated himself as a PIA employee while travelling to London. He was travelling to London for medical treatment. When he got to London, he stayed in a luxury hotel on PIA’s expenses.

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  • Why PIA didn’t procure directly from the manufacturer ? This could have been sole source procurement which PPRA rules allow.

    At the end of this post writer has mentioned Mushahidullah Khan, this is irrelevant, his stay even if wrong isn’t causing PIA loss of billions. Hiring thousands in PIA in n every PPP tenure even when not required is actually causing loss of billions every year. I wish if you would have mentioned that with some research ?

    • At the end of this post writer has mentioned Mushahidullah Khan, this is irrelevant, his stay even if wrong isn’t causing PIA loss of billions.

      Salaam aap ko bhai. Matab k aap issay ghalat tak nahi samajhtay. Baap ka mulk aur idaray hain, loot lo sab ko.
      F*cking Aholes!

    • Corruption. Corruption hai.. Noonie ki ho ya PP ki :P

      Really how can you even defend someone corruption??!! Its not irrelevant!? The topic at hand was “Cost cutting” and such waste of funds by such corrupt politicians is perfectly relevant!
      And those ghost workers at PIA are also from the sittings Government!! not anymore from the previous governments!!!

  • PIA ki seats pe cockroaches wali bhi ek video viral hui hai… Please ek article uss pe bhi publish karein….. :D

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