Turkish Airlines to Give 7 Day Free Stopover Visa to Pakistanis

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Turkey will offer a complimentary 7-day transit visa to Pakistani passengers who travel with Turkish Airlines from Pakistan to the US, Schengen countries, UK, and Ireland.

Turkish Airlines, the carrier that flies to more countries of the world than any other airline, now also offers its “Stopover” service for transfer passengers who depart from Pakistan to US, Schengen Countries, UK, Ireland, and have more than 20 hours connecting time.

This new service will enable the transfer passengers to stop over in Istanbul with an accommodation cheque prepared by Turkish Airlines’ authorized staff after completing the flight booking process of the passenger.

This cheque will enable economy class passengers to stay 1 night at a 4-star hotel; and also the business class passengers to stay 2 nights at a 5-star hotel in Sultanahmet and Taksim, generally described as the central points of Istanbul.

Stopover offers those passengers a complimentary accommodation and a great opportunity to discover the Istanbul in all its beauty during their connecting time.

  • This is not just old news in effect since last 2 months but also very vague in terms of information provided. It does not state that service charges to be paid to Gerrys drop box service and the long time for online appointment.

    Not to mention that they are offering just hotels. Airport to Hotel to Airport transfers are private.

  • They only give visa if you have valid US or Schengen or UK visa on Pakistani Passport. Else they will not allow. All airlines provide hotels and visa if stopover is more than certain hours. Kindly change the misleading title atleast.

    • no they are also giving visa if you have pakistani passport and you are going for umrah through turkish airline 7 days free b transit visa

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  • Thats so tricky. Turkish airlines do not offer free visa, neither hotel stay. I bought a ticket London to lahore and back to London with 21 hours stay. They offered me free hotel, before booking but after i purchased ticket they not offering free hotel. Ridiculous. ..

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