These Pakistan Branded Buses in Central London are Mindblowing [Pictures]

The roads of Central London — considered as the hub of world tourists — is witnessing the “Emerging Pakistan” branded the iconic double-decker buses these days.

Reports are suggesting that this ultimate branding campaign is planned and executed by Pakistan High Commission in London and it will run for four weeks to celebrate the 70th Independence Anniversary of Pakistan this year.

Fully wrapped double-decker buses are showcasing the pristine beauty of Pakistan with its highest peaks, beautiful landscape, rare fauna, monuments representing ancient civilization, magnificent architecture and rich and diverse culture.

The moving buses are creating unparalleled lasting visual impact on millions of pedestrians and motorists alike, especially on the tourists.

The bus wrapping campaign aims to introduce the foreign tourists to the beautiful land of Pakistan which still remains unexplored.

Meanwhile the amazingly wrapped buses carrying Pakistan’s images have gone viral on social media already.


On this occasion, H.E. Syed Ibne Abbas, Pakistan High Commissioner to the UK said:

This publicity campaign showcases the beauty of Pakistan, its culture, landscape and people, and will help promote tourism in Pakistan in the most effective way.

The recent social uplift and economic prosperity in Pakistan underpins the theme of the campaign i.e. “Emerging Pakistan”, as acknowledged by many independent international organisations.

This campaign has been sponsored by Bestway Group.

Check below the images taken in London:

  • Ümær Sharëf

    We don’t have these in Pakistan ???

    • You really need to visit Pakistan.

      • M Waseem Akhtar

        Can’t do it here. All Mullah minded people will oppose it!

        • Ali Salman

          There are two extremes, mulla minded and liberal extremists.

          Mullas are allergic and will oppose picture of a woman on a bus, liberals will show women only to show how open minded they are.

          • Mehrunnisa

            My dad and grand dad will break my bones if i show my face. How come females from my own country show their faces on buses in other country? may be if i also go to other country, i can show my face to every one.

            • Ümær Sharëf

              Mehrunnisa my sisters go out without any burqa. and i live in bahawalpur punjab!

      • Ümær Sharëf

        i live in pakistan

    • Umer Sharif Shame on you, for posting these nagtive comments for fun.

  • The Beauty of Pakistan in London !

  • Xahid

    That’s impressive initiative, at least good start.

  • Pakpehlay

    Proud moment indeed for any Pakistani <3

  • Adeel

    Behtareen ?

  • arch fahad

    agree to what mubashar sahab sayings.
    guys don’t be so negative about Pakistan . if u living in Pakistan haven’t you seen huge billboards with all lawn collections advertisements in which all women are .. ??? nobody is opposing it… haven’t you seen a big cross over gora qabarostan in Karachi that represent we respect everyone belief no mulana here in Pakistan are that much extremest until we make it by pin pointing their views and make them frustrated that they started opposing yours in order to defend theirs…. try to understand that