It Rained in Karachi Last Night And Rest is a History #Devastation #Pictures

City of Karachi received heavy rainfall last night.

This is pretty usual for a lot of cities and town around the world, but for Karachi it meant feet of water on roads and streets, floods, power break downs, electric shocks, fallen roofs, deaths, injuries and what not.

Reports are claiming that at least 10 individuals were killed during the night and many injured due to rain-related accidents.

Residents of hundreds of buildings are given the evacuation notices due to fears of structural damages that are likely due to heavy rain.

Power is down for hours and life is pretty much at stand-still, particularly in low-lying areas.

Roads are flooded and traffic is on halt.

Images and videos of rain on Twitter and Facebook show how badly the city is prepared for rains. They also show the state of governance in the city and how it’s run and maintained for very basic natural incidents.


  • Karachi cannot be left to be governed by the rural elite Bhutto’s or other fuedals. It is not a Jaagir of a feudal. It needs to be brought under federal control just like Shanghai Beijing Chonquing and even Shehnzhen which are strategically important cities are. Karachi is the same. Sindh capital can be moved to Larkana (Bhutto stronghold) or Sukkur. Army save us Karachiites

    • Also compare the amount of rainfall in both cities. I bet you didn’t do that but just saw water on the streets and said ‘don’t judge’.

    • You can’t stop cities from getting flooded because of such devastating rains. BUT, you can atleast have enough machinery ready or governance in place to combat such scenarios FAST.

      I know for a fact that whenever there are rains in our country Pakistan, it takes DAYS and sometimes WEEKS to clear the streets of water. And sometimes they don’t even bother. Let’s see how much time it takes them to get the life back to normal in Karachi.

  • Mujhy samjh nahi aati logo ki aqal kya ghaas charny jati hai jo Roads py paani khrra ho gya hai to Govt ny kaam nahi kia.?
    Idiots Itni zyada baarish hogi to paani aana he hai
    aur paani ka guzar aahista aahista hee hoga
    Roads Block ho gay ee
    Paani ka flow kahi na kahi nikly ga he But time lagna ee hota hai
    Damn Fool People

    • There is a thing called ‘storm drainage’ which our streets and main avenues lack.
      Every year in the monsoon season, our city’s roads represents the streets of Venice.

      There is zero pre-monsoon planning. Every year we hear these same typical news.
      Whether there is low or high rainfall, a good storm drainage will take care of it.

      So yes, this is the Government’s fault for not doing pre-emptive planning.

      • bhai us ke moo na lago. ap ke na english us ke samajh ayege na logic. I bet abrar ali ne storm drainage ka naam us ne phele bar suna hoga zindagi mein.

        • Do you think you r living in America
          YAha Rotti Kaprra Makaan hai nhi aur apko Storm Drainage Chahiay
          And Yes I am what I am.?
          Dont Judge my English and Knowledge
          Wadda Aaya Parrya Likhya Daddooo

  • The main problem for urban flooding in large cities is poor drainage system.

    “Aise pipe daal rakhe hain jin se hawa bhi nhi guzarti pani kya guzrey ga”

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