Facebook Partners with Pakistan Based WDL to Train Women Entrepreneurs

Facebook has signed an agreement with the Women’s Digital League (WDL) for the promotion and training of women in Pakistan. The purpose of this agreement is to stimulate and encourage small and home-based women entrepreneurs in the country.

For the unaware, WDL is a local social enterprise that is owned and managed by Pakistani women. The firm aims to create opportunities of education and work for Pakistani women through specialized training programs.

It is worth noting that WDL is not the first organization in the country to collaborate with Facebook on such an accord. Punjab Information Technology Board (PITB) collaborated with Facebook back in October 2016 to bring its ‘She Means Business’ concept to Pakistan.

Through this program, Facebook encouraged women to do business online and taught them the skills necessary for running a business. So far this programme has trained more than 50,000 women online.

WDL and Facebook will be training women to leverage social media platforms (Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram) better in order to market their products in major urban cities like Karachi, Lahore, and Peshawar before expanding their services to other countries.

WDL has been working to enable digital livelihood for women in Pakistan for nine years and now, we have partnered with Facebook for their ‘She Means Business’ programme which is geared towards women building and running a business – Maria Umar, President and Founder of WDL

Women are driving force behind a country and it is impossible to progress without them. WDL and Facebook’s efforts in this regard hope to bring more of them into the labor force, empowering whole new generations and households with the prerequisite skills towards a better future and livelihood.

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