Secret Plan to Destroy a PIA Plane Foiled

The national carrier Pakistan International Airline (PIA) recently discovered a plot that could’ve caused one of its planes to crash during mid-flight. According to various media outlets, one of PIA’s ATR planes was sabotaged in Karachi.

The concerned authorities discovered loose nuts, bolts, steel wires and other materials while checking the ATR plane, pointing to signs that the aircraft had been sabotaged by nefarious elements.

Informed sources claimed that in the event that the plane had taken off without undergoing inspection, it would have crashed mid flight. To their credit, PIA engineers foiled the plot by discovering the problem beforehand.

The Hunt for the Saboteur

PIA’s vigilance team has launched an investigation into the matter to determine the source of the tools used to dismantle the aircraft. The team is also looking over the material found in the engine compartment of the aircraft.

It should be mentioned that the ATR plane in question, registered under “APBKY”, flew from Bahawalpur to Karachi between Friday and Saturday just last week. It was supposed to head to Faisalabad the next day.

The forementioned tools and material found in the plane had caused both of the engines of the plane to fail. PIA’s cumulative loss due to the engine failure amounts to more than Rs. 60 million.

After discovering the fault, the airline has grounded the plane. Counting this aircraft, currently 5 of PIA’s ATR planes are now grounded out of a total of 9.

PIA Plane Crash at Havelian

PIA seems to be running in a lot of trouble with ATR planes as of late. You may recall last year’s plane crash at Havelian.

Flight PK 661 crashed after taking off from Chitral. The plane was headed to Islamabad and crashed near Havelian. It was carrying 42 passengers with 5 crew members and a flight engineer. Famous singer turned religious activist Junaid Jamshed was on board with his wife when the plane crashed.

The same plane had experienced engine failures in the past and had crash landed back in 2009. Thankfully this plane’s malfunction was discovered early on and a crash was avoided.

Via Express News

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  • They must have a CCTV footage for that, Allah knows if its their own plot of a plot to justify themselves as innocent.

  • Sort out who is Playing with the National carrier and lives of people of Pakistan. Definitely the culprit is destroying the image of national carrier. So that it is sold to private sector or at least its business is damaged. So that a private air line can take space easily.

  • Poor vigilance and security by PIA, although engineering saves & makes alot of money for PIA but they are degraded in terms of work,positions,grades and salaries.
    I am really glad that this is the 1st ever post in which PIA engineering is not criticized.
    Aircraft technicians salary around the world is more than $800 per month but PIA technicians earn around $250-300 per month.
    Already earning such low salaries and media slams their passion of working for PIA whether there is any news regarding PIA aircraft.
    Everyone working on a PIA aircraft owns it.

  • I am 99% sure that is planted story, if we don’t question of authenticity of this plot how can some one simply goes to airplane and done this whole stuff? Is anyone (Staff) present at airport have access to airplanes and tools?

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