Pakistan Conducts Successful Tests of NASR Ballistic Missile

Pakistan today witnessed the successful test of enhance NASR — surface to surface ballistic missile — ISPR has claimed.

A statement issued moments ago said that Pakistan successfully conducted a series of training launches and tests / trials during the current week for validation of new technical parameters of ‘NASR’ with enhanced range from 60 kms to 70 kms and flight maneuverability.

This weapon system will augment credible deterrence against prevailing threat spectrum more effectively, including anti missile defenses.

NASR is a high precision weapon system with the ability of quick deployments.

General Qamar Javed Bajwa, Chief of Army Staff (COAS) witnessed the training launched himself.

He appreciated the standard of training and operational preparedness of Army Strategic Force and congratulated the scientists and engineers on achieving this significant milestone towards Pakistan’s credible deterrence capability.

He expressed his complete confidence in effective command, control, safety and security of all strategic assets and measures being taken to augment these.

“You are our real heroes, the unseen, we owe you our gratitudes”, COAS remarked. “Nasr has put cold water on cold start” COAS said. War must be avoided at all costs, he added, and our strategic capability is a guarantee of peace against a highly militarised and increasingly belligerent neighbour.

Pakistan will go to any length to ensure regional peace and stability. We wholeheartedly support all government efforts at peace through dialogue. Our capability is only meant to ensure, no one thinks war remains an option.

Director General Strategic Plans Division, Lieutenant General Mazhar Jamil, Commander Army Strategic Force Command, Lieutenant General Mian Muhammad Hilal Hussain, Chairman NESCOM, Dr Nabeel Hayat Malik, scientists & engineers of strategic organizations also witnessed the launch.

Chairman JCSC, Chief of Air Staff and Chief of Naval Staff have congratulated the strategic  forces on the achievement.

President and Prime Minister of Pakistan while conveying their appreciation have lauded the efforts of all those involved in the missile tests and trials.

  • I don’t think a Ballistic Missiles with range of only 70km can maneuver much…… as it would have very low trajectory with very short flight time.

    • Is is meant for close combat in the event India conducts surgical strikes or launches an invasion inside Pakistan in line with the Cold Start Doctrine. It will enable the use of nuclear weapons inside Pakistan in the event of an invasion which will perfectly be within international law since it will be for defense purposes.

  • India satellite launch kr kay os kay profit sa weapons bna rha hau hum satellite kay paiso sa gola barood bnaye ja rhy hai..

  • Not interested.
    I wanna see advance in Space Flights and Sub Orbital Launches instead.
    Any progress on fronts that actually matter Pakistan ?

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