Pakistan’s First Digital Saving Center Launched

The innovation in the financial sector is on the rise as country’s first ever Digital Saving Center has been launched in Lahore by MCB-Arif Habib Savings and Investments Limited.

This is the first Digital Saving Center launched by any mutual fund manager in Pakistan, and as one may imagine, the trend is likely to grow with time.

It merits mentioning here that MCB Bank, United Bank Limited and Standard Chartered Bank have already introduced their digital only — man-less — branches already. Additionally, central bank is also working to launch a full-fledged Digital Bank in Pakistan.

The Digital Center is a digital touch point between the customers and MCB-AH where the organization is all set to provide a seamless investment experience to encourage savings.

The objective of the Digital Center is to be closer to the customer at their convenience by providing facilities — like video conferencing — to give expert investment advice and personalized investment solutions.

The center was inaugurated by Mian Muhammad Mansha located at Emporium Mall.

Besides the digital investment center, the soft launch of iSave by MCB-A has also been done.

iSave is a convenient, online portal which allows customers to meet all their investments and saving needs within seconds. Through iSave customers can easily open an investment account, make investments, redeem their funds as well as monitor them and do much more – with just a few clicks.

MCB-AH is a result of a strategic merger between two leading Asset Management companies of the country, created in June 2011 when sponsors of Arif Habib Investments Limited and MCB Asset Management Company Limited decided to join hands.

Carrying the trust of more than 70,000 retail investors, MCB-AH is one of the pioneers and innovators for many firsts, as Asset Manager, Investment Adviser and Pension Fund Manager, managing Open-end Schemes, Discretionary Portfolios and Pension Schemes amounting to over Rs.74.1 Billion (as on 30 June 2017).​

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