Pakistan Recommends Facebook to Link Accounts with Mobile Numbers

Pakistan has recommended the Facebook management to connect opening of a Facebook account with Mobile number to overcome fake accounts issues.

“Mobile numbers are verified through biometric verification system in Pakistan. Currently Facebook account is being opened through an e-mail, said Secretary IT Rizwan Bashir, adding that Facebook could overcome its issues of fake accounts if all existing and current accounts are verified with phone numbers”.

This he stated while briefing the National Standing Committee on Information Technology and Telecommunication which met with Captain (Retd) Muhammad Safdar in the chair here on Tuesday.

Chairman Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA), Syed Ismail Shah, while briefing the committeesaid that 12,977 URLs of blasphemous content are blocked so far.

Further PTA received more than 6,000 complaints online which were reviewed and 350 of them contained blasphemous content that were ultimately blocked.

PTA has established a web analysis cell where 25 personnel are working solely on identifying unlawful content on internet including the blasphemous.

He told the committee that Facebook has designated focal person to coordinate with PTA for prompt action against any reported material. “Facebook reiterated their commitment toward removal/blocking of the blasphemous and objectionable content and assured that they will improve the cooperation and response time”, briefed the Chairman PTA.

Further since, February 2017, 137 blasphemous links have been blocked by Facebook administration for viewership in Pakistan.

Facebook was also asked to help Law Enforcement Agencies (LEAs) in Pakistan by providing them with the requisite data that they asked for. Facebook, in response, said that it received around 1,000 requests in 2016 from Pakistan and about 70 percent of them have been complied with and that they will continue to support such requests.

The Committee expressed displeasure over the absence of Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) officials in the meeting and decided to write to Secretary Interior in this regard.

  • Ek hisab se ye step bilkul thek hai kyun k phir fake ids nae bane ge Pakistan me jo k bahot ziada hain

  • Ok! Now 10 to 20% of Pakistani accounts will be blocked because many are on fake names, old inactive accounts, the children less than 18 years and the respected female accounts who try to hide their real names! It is a pathetic idea! It would make a way for marketers with robust targeting via Facebook ads, in other words, more money!

  • we really need to get rid of fake accounts, some people have mental problem they pose as female so they can get attention in posts. everyday i see new profile in suggestions, sochta hu kon itna farigh hoga,
    wese fake id bana hum sab pakistaniyo ke khoon me hain tbh i had one for gaming and stalking purposes but left :D

  • Very Good action but every thing has second virtue too, number data can help hackers in so many things and every coming day new apps r been made which can easily deteriorate this action.

  • Mobile number k sath sath agar Facebook IDs identity card k through bhi verify hona lazmi qarar paye to me samajhta hou is tarah accounts k hack hona bhi khatam ho jayega.
    Is k ilava blasphemous aur critical materials ko block kar k aap logo ko ye pegham dengay k aap k Islam pr uthaye gaye sawalat aur aiterazat ka hum daleel se jawab ni de saktay, bas sirf in par yaksar pabandi laga saktay hain.
    Khudara zehno me uthnay walay sawalat ko daleel aur suboot se khamosh kijye, taqat aur jabar se ni.

    • Har maslay ki daleel nahi hoti, aur kuch logo ko daleel se koi faeda bhi nahi hota q k wo samajna nahi chahte. Jaise Quraish.e.Makka ko Huzoor SAWW ka sahi hona pata tha, lekin wo maante nahi they takay apni kursiya aur purani zindagi tabdeel na karni paray :)

      • اگر قریش کے لوگوں کو واقعی میں پتہ ہوتا کہ اسلام واقعی دین حق ہے اور اس پر ایمان لانے سے ہم ہمیشہ کے لئے جنت میں جائیں گے اور جہنم جیسی بری جگہ سے نجات ملے گی تو پھر یقیناً وہ اتنے پاگل نہیں تھے کہ خود کو ہمیشہ کے لیے جہنم کی آگ میں جھونک دیتے. وہ حضرت محمد کو پاگل اور مجنوں کہتے کہ جو مکہ سے کئی میل دور غار حرا میں تنہا گوشہ نشین ہوتے تھے. ان پڑھ تھے اور کوئی روزگار تو نا بس صرف بکریاں چُرایا کرتے تھے. اب وہ ایسے شخص کی باتوں پر کیسے یقین کرتے.

        • Saadiq aur Ameen ka laqab dene wale log Unki baatein na maante :)
          Wo log jo raato k andhere may akay Huzoor SAWW ki tilawat suna karte they aur din may bura bhala kehte they :)
          Wo shaks Abu Jahl, jo Huzoor ka chacha tha aur paise wala bhi, sab se samajdaar maana jata tha uske liye Huzoor ne Dua bhi ki, wo bhi Tilawat suna karta tha raato k andhere may :)
          Ap bhi sahi keh rahe hain lekin ye yakeen kar lein k wo log sab jante they lekin apni purani zindagi ko chorna nahi chaahte they. Unke apni purani kitaabo may Nabi ka zikar tha. Unka ek Aalim bhi Huzoor k pass aya tha Tehqeeq karne, aur musalman ho gaya tha. Wo waqiya bhi pardein. Sahaaba ki zindagi kholein aur pardein sab saaf samaj ajaega aj kal k logo ki misaalein bhi milegi
          (Urdu font nahi ha pc may uske lye maazrat)

  • Bad idea. Really bad idea.

    Why is our government giving this idea to Facebook? Remember, for Facebook “we” and “our information” is the Product. First we find out GCHQ has hacked all our core routers and is copying our internet information. Then we find out NADRA is hacked and our data leaked to CIA or someone else (and maybe also criminals). Now our government wants to give our phone numbers to Facebook to track us better???? Just whose side is the government on???

    Also, every good security researcher can tell you that phone numbers or SMS are the worst case of doing “two factor authentitication”

    The security community has recently been calling attention to weaknesses in SS7, the protocol that allows telecom networks to communicate with each other. Hackers can exploit SS7 to spoof a change to a user’s phone number, intercepting their calls or text messages. “Any network can tell any other network ‘your subscriber’s here now,’ and until your phone says otherwise, every call and text is diverted to this other network,” says Karsten Nohl, the chief scientist at Security Research Labs, who recently demonstrated the attack for 60 Minutes. “If there’s an attacker, they get all your text messages.

  • FInally something good to hear.. we have better cellular records in terms of fake identities thats why Uber Careem all are using emails with mendatory Phone numbers to keep records of the user and stop duplicate accounts.

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