Daraz Global Puts SMEs on the Map, Enabling them to Sell their Products Worldwide

How does a small and medium sized enterprise stand to benefit from Daraz.pk’s expanded services for exporters? That’s the question in consideration. According to Umer Gul, Head of Logistics at Daraz, the benefits are clear and present:

”We [at Daraz] are currently working with DHL at the best rates available compared to others in the market.

SMEs can leverage this partnership to catapult themselves to a globalcustomer base that would otherwise, not be as easily accessible.

If small scale exporters go through an established group like Daraz, they stand to benefit from Daraz’s bargaining power.”

Seller Spotlight: Baartzmall

Baartzmall sells leather jackets on Daraz.pk, they find the online marketplace’s brand-visibility and deep market penetration a strong incentive to maintain a storefront online.

In the words of Baartzmall Director Planning, Adnan Siddiqui, Daraz has secured the trust of the Pakistani e-commerce shoppers.

In emerging e-commerce markets like Pakistan, public trust is currency; and a bellwether of the growing industry’s health.

“Since Daraz has the people’s vote of confidence, selling our product here felt like the next logical step.”

With four years of experience in the offline space, and already selling their fashion goods on Daraz.pk locally, they registered their store on Daraz Global in January 2016.

Starting with 5 products and now counting 100 and rising, Baartzmall has experienced tremendous growth on the Daraz Global platform.

Customers in the States and the United Kingdom comprise 80% of their sales. Siddiqui and Director Operations Azeem Fazlani are optimistic about the future of Daraz Global.

“The only way to go is up when it comes to the market Daraz Global wants to tap into.

Taking stock of the fact that the desi diaspora numbers more than 40 million people, and that Pakistanis are the second largest ethnic minority population in the United Kingdom, Daraz Global has good cause to grow bigger and better.”

Now commanding a team of 50 plus employees, Siddiqui and Fazlani are setting their sights on future growth, aspiring to sell at least a 1,000 leather jackets a month, globally. His advice to e-commerce aspirants and entrants?

“Daraz has come a long way since it first began. It has reached a point of maturation. Start with select items.

Find your niche. Build your categories and inventory. Think specific before you think big.”

How Daraz Global is empowering SMEs

Daraz has teamed up with major logistics and transportation companies to drive down the cost of overseas shipping faced by smaller businesses; and that is the biggest benefit to small entrepreneurs looking to export their products.

Additionally, the businesses don’t necessarily have to allocate an advertising budget. Daraz itself hosts their product, and the ecommerce platform’s strong brand position and visibility lets SMEs share in the e-commerce leader’s spotlight.

Siddiqui contends that Daraz’s strategic partnership with DHL enables him to avail significant savings on shipments.