VEON is a WeChat Like Platform for Pakistan and 12 Other Markets

Last year when Jazz (formerly Mobilink) claimed that it was in competition with Facebook, Whatsapp, Amazon etc., people took it as just another corporate statement but it appears that its parent group, VEON, was serious.

We are hearing that VEON is launching a mobile based platform that will be available in Pakistan and all other global markets where VEON (formerly VimpelCom) operates.

Technically speaking, VEON is going to be an app — that will primarily offer following functions:

  • Chat — something like Facebook
  • Messages / Calls
  • Content
  • Services

In services segment, VEON is planning to position itself as a solution provider for all sorts of utilities one might need to conduct personal or business tasks. From laundry services to calling a Careem or from paying bills to watching your favorite TV Show,  VEON will have it all.

It appears that VEON will partner with third-parties to populate its “Services” and “Content” categories, while communication modules — chat, messaging, calls — will remain as in-house modules.

Open for all networks: Note that VEON will be available for users of all networks. This means that anyone can download VEON, make calls and use all the services it offers.

Launch: Currently the app is in beta phase and available on Play Store for early adopters. We anticipate that the app will be formally launched sometime in September 2017.

Download: In case you want to test the early version, go ahead and download it from Play Store from here.

You can expect more details on VEON, its features and usage during coming days.

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  • It would be interesting to know if they would offer free OTT voice calls when their own main business is CS Voice calls. It’s like getting into competition with oneself.

  • something the article doesn’t mention is that the app will help veon operators gather your phone usage patterns and other data, which they otherwise don’t have access to…this data will be used by them for marketing…that’s how they will make money off the app

    • Iceman, sorry about your experience.

      Can you please right click on the ad (or hold the ad) and select “Copy URL link” and share it with us so we may block it.

      • These kind a ads are being seen on myself too
        Remove them or we r not gonna Visit
        Propk now on
        Hate those Ads

    • You do know that these are adds from google add sense and they are different for everyone. They are based on your search history or click history from google :)
      So you seeing these kinds of adds is kind of your own fault :’D propakistani probably has nothing to do with this :)

    • Ads are based on your personal search history. They are not selected by Pro Pakistani. Thanks for the laugh.

      • They are also based on your IP address. Even I see such ads if I use DSL which changes IP every few days & even when I use incognito window.

        • Nope. The ads are based on a personal ID set either by major providers such as google or by ad companies mining publically identifiable data from your browser to uniquely identify you. They have nothing to do with your IP. One possibility is that Geo IP is being used which means tons of people in your house or neighborhood are viewing similar content.

          • Sigh. You’re wrong. Go to a site, look at the ads. Then open an incognito window and look at the same site. Do you see the same ads?

            If you see the same ads, then how can it be based on the personal ID?

            It is very obvious to me that I see Pakistani/Indian ads when I use incognito window and I see other kinds of ads when I use normal window. Obviously they are deciding on the Pakistani/Indian ads based on my location, not on my past browsing history. They don’t know who “I” am, they know what people in my IP range of DSL are interested in.

      • Great job jumping the gun, Ace (which isn’t typical at all). But that’s definitely not the case here. Thanks for sharing your personal experience though.

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