First Ever National Curriculum Framework Approved

The National Curriculum Council (NCC) has approved its first ever National Curriculum Framework (NCF) in the 8th NCC meeting held yesterday.

The National Curriculum Council was constituted under the consensus of Inter Provincial Education Ministers’ Conference (IPEMC), as a national forum for coordination between the federal government and federating units for curriculum review and development initiatives.

NCC consists of three members from each province/area representing their respective education departments, curriculum bureaus and textbook boards.

Minister of State for Federal Education and Professional Training Engr. Baligh ur Rehman congratulated NCC for the historic milestone and said that the unanimously approved National Curriculum Framework would provide necessary guidelines for curriculum development, pedagogical and assessment system in the country.

While speaking to NCC members, the minister said that development of national level policy document on curriculum framework is an exceptional achievement of the Council and the members should strive for the development of a Minimum National Curriculum for the country, as per the mandate given by IPEMC.

He said that after devolution of subject of education, provinces are allowed to develop their own curriculum; however a unanimously approved Minimum National Curriculum would define important contents for  curricula of subjects to be taught throughout the country and hence would be representative of a concerted national effort.

The Minister informed all Council members that the federal government has just reviewed and finalized the new curriculum for ECCE (pre-primary) to class 5 which would be implemented for federal areas and schools operated by federal government. Textbooks based on the new curriculum are expected to be developed by December this year, he added.

The framework document provides broad guidelines on development of subject curriculum, instructional delivery system, assessment and testing system and professional development of teachers.

Earlier, NCC also unanimously approved a document on Minimum Standards for Quality Education in Pakistan which sets out minimum national standards for education in seven broad areas.

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