LinkedIn Launches Website Demographics for Businesses

LinkedIn has introduced a new tool named Website Demographics for businesses which allows corporations to see who is visiting their website.

The new tool categorizes the audience into 8 classes based on their Job Title, Job Functionality, Industry, Job Seniority, Location etc, to evaluate the efficiency of the marketing efforts of the company.

The categories are interesting, considering the fact that this is all the information we give to LinkedIn, isn’t it?

The tool uses the same technology for gathering Website Demographics data that is used for its Matched Audience ad targeting.

The all-new tool can prove to be very effective in targeted marketing as well, considering the ability to choose audiences based on categories. For instance, if a business wants to target healthcare professionals, using this tool the company can streamline its marketing efforts to yield more productive results.

The Director of Global Product Marketing, Sudeep Eldo Cherian said, “We think that by understanding this information, businesses can create higher quality content campaigns”.

The new tool aims to facilitate better decision making for marketers. “We’re constantly thinking about how can we continue to evolve the reporting and analytics that we offer to marketers so that they can make better decisions”, Cherian said.

The Website Demographics tool is integrated into the LinkedIn’s Campaign Manager and will be freely available for the users who have subscribed for it.

Cheria asserted, “You don’t have to advertise on LinkedIn to leverage this. Sure, it would be nice for LinkedIn if that was one of the outcomes but the real goal here is to turn Campaign Manager into a “must-have analytics solution.”

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