Google Hires a 16 Year Old for Annual Salary of Rs. 23.7 Million

A 16 year old boy from Chandigarh, India has been hired at Google for a whopping salary of Rs. 144 million, which amounts to Rs. 23.7 million in Pakistani Rupees.

He will be working as a graphics designer at the company.


Harshit Sharma, a 12th grade student at a government school, did not expect to get a job at one of the biggest tech companies on the planet.

He said:

Who knew that an average student like me will get a job in Google. I can’t share my happiness about how I am feeling, it’s like a dream has come true. My hard work has paid off well.

He will undergo training during his first year at the company. During his training, Harshit will get INR 400,000 (Rs. 658,000) per month. Once his training is complete, the company will pay him INR 1,200,000 (Rs. 1,970,000) for his services every month.

Graphics Designing Since the Age of 10

Harshit has been in this line of work since he was 10 years old. His uncle, Rohit Sharma, secretly trained him.

Before he got into Google, Harshit used to do graphic designing jobs for others as well.

During my school time, I used to make posters of both Bollywood and Hollywood stars and earned Rs 40,000-50,000.

The interesting thing is that, Harshit has never professionally trained at an institute for graphics designing.

As to how he got hired, Harshit says that he applied through a Google link back in December 2016. His graphic design work on some posters got him selected for the position. Soon afterwards, Google sent him an appointment letter in June.

Harshit will be leaving for California, US on August 7th. In addition to the job at Google, he has also received an INR 7000 (Rs. 11,500) award from the government.

An earlier version of this article erroneously reported the salary as Rs. 237 million instead of Rs. 23.7 million

via Indian Express

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  • Because he is indian & live in India :

    • C_Coder

      “Because he live is India” You mean democracy in google as well.:-)
      Or might be talent which he showed up to Google

      • Don’t forget Google CEO is indian :

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          oh bhai ceo indian hai to us sy iska kia lena dena, you apni zindagi jee rahy and woh apni :D :P

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          Com’on man, Appreciate Indians for their technological advancement.

    • adi

      main reason is that google have office in India

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      Bhai chawal he maare apneh. Bless your first comment on a post phobia.

    • ahsan siraj

      Itni India se nafrat kyo wo bhe hum jese khuda ki.makhlook ha . Google ceo is not kid.there job system and hiring system is same equal for every religion or country.they always hired. There work and hiring is perfect for everyone. And about harshit Job at Google is fake. Google denied. They have no record about harshit. Jis kisi ne article post kia ha baghair tasdeek or research k post Kar Dia ha. Bros it’s GOOGLE

    • Ali Salman

      This is a fake news… ProPakistani copied Indian content ;)

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    Amazing!! Good luck for future!!

  • Osman

    Are you fools serious? Just because he’s Indian? Grow up and develop yourselves to become half the person he is. Stop complaining, get off your asses, and start working. He got into Google because the CEO is Indian? You need to get your heads out of your asses. Stop being so naive and innocent. He is where he is because he worked for it – something you should try for once in your lives. Bunch of crying kids…

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    Bhai koi mujhay bhi employ kerlo….chota sa eik .NET programmer hun….

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  • Zelda

    strange …. google engineers salaries are about 7 to 9 k $ … why he getting 12 k

    • Exactly! As usual ProPK’s article looks like it is only interested in numbers. And the title is wrong as well. They should have written about WHY instead of WHAT!

    • Faizan Farrukh

      Bro its google… Not Olx lol

  • That was my dream , i am 16 still working hard

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      You are atleast 25

  • Or Yahan Pakistan me sari awaam Ludo star k pichy kutti horahi hai … !!! -_-

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      Because girls play ludo star. Boys will automatically go there also. Pakistani boys are known to be most desperate in the whole world.

  • ImranG

    Annual Salary – Training Year = 658,000*12=7,896,000 PKR or 7.9 million PKR
    Annual Salary – After Training = 1,970,000*12=23,640,000 or 23.6 million PKR

    What a load of bullshit is this article claiming salary of 237 million per annum, not even proof reading most important thing in title.

    Well, Mr. Haamiz Ahmed/ Mr. Aamir, such blatant wrong claims may increase page views for this article but will turn down sensible readers of this blog in the long run. So, don’t be stupid doing things like that.

    • proverbial bias

      I am in a fix. Who should i abuse? The one who made such a claim or those who published it? Does PP ever bother verifying stories before covering them? I thought journalism had some standards.

    • shiva the destroyer

      This is actually a fake news

      The guy had fooled his school teachers with a fake job offer letter….the letter has many spelling and grammatical mistakes which a company like Google will never nake

  • whoever calculate the annual salary should have been sacked. Is he out of his mind???

  • Ibrahim Muhammed Ojha

    Bhai i think there is something wrong with the calculation

    2m / month = 24m / year and not 240m

    So this is not big a news

    • Ibrahim Muhammed Ojha

      And 2m is 20k US$ / month. Which is okay salary if you work for Google

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    144M = 23.7M PKR how?

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    Still not confirmed by Google,

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    mehnat ka sila zaror milta hey…………

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    This is fake news. Google denies hiring him. Secondly, Google and other MNCs have strict compliance when it comes to hiring people full time. Underage employees can’t be hired like that. He’s still a dependant. ProPakistani, do a little more careful research and reporting please.

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  • Faheem Ahmed

    by the way this is a fake news!!! propakistani you should reward me….

  • this is fake news google already said that

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    about harshit Job at Google is fake. Google already denied. They have no record about harshit. Jis kisi ne article post kia ha baghair tasdeek or research k post Kar Dia ha. Bros it’s GOOGLE

  • Ali Abid

    fake news
    i request to any tech website that to confirm news before posting

    • shiva the destroyer

      This is a fake news

      The giy had created a fake Job offer letter to fool his scho tea hers…this is actually a prank LOL

  • Afaque

    in the title, the age is 16 and in detail the age is 12.