Rehman Malik Gets Trolled by A Fake Donald Trump Account

We don’t look forward to Mondays (them being the first working day and all). But thanks to the wonders of social media and plain old human stupidity, some Mondays are definitely the ones to remember. Such as the one today where Rehman Malik, Pakistan’s former Interior Minister and all-round Twitter celebrity (for the wrongest reasons), found himself at the center of a social media gaffe.

On Sunday, Senator Rehman Malik decided to tweet to US President Donald Trump. Only one problem. He tweeted to a parody account, mistaking it for the U.S. President’s official account.

Ordinarily, parody accounts amass a great number of followers which is why many people fall prey to this mistake. However, this Trump parody account only had 87 tweets and 199 followers.

The icing on the cake was that Rehman Malik did not even check the account’s bio, which stated:

The Twitter account of President Donald Trump. Making America Great Again together! Parody not actually the President.

The misunderstanding started with Rehman replying to a tweet tweeted by the parody account.

The parody account was quick to respond to the Senator and tagged the official account of Donald Trump.

Cashing in the opportunity, the public took it upon themselves to troll the Senator for making such a blunder. Here are some of the hilarious responses to this saga.

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