Take A Look at Who Wins When PTCL & Telenor Troll Each Other

PTCL is back for another round on Twitter, this time against Telenor’s djuice.

After the back and forth exchange between two famous ISPs a few days back, namely Nayatel and PTCL, djuice has also stepped in to join in on the fun. Seeing as how the two brands indulged in some good PR over social media, the temptation to get some punches in was too hard to resist for Telenor.

It all Started With the Recent Internet Outage

By now we all know what happened a few days back, when Pakistan had to suffer through slow internet over the weekend. Many irate customers took over social media to voice their frustration.

After PTCL and Nayatel had that funny Twitter exchange, Telenor’s djuice also jumped into the fray, playfully requesting them to use Telenor’s 3G/4G services to stream footage of their undersea cable repair:

PTCL responded in kind, bringing up the data limits that exist on bundles offered by djuice. Talk about being ‘unlimited’:

That wasn’t the end of it as djuice was unfazed by PTCL’s reply. It promply poked fun at the “temperamental” and unreliable nature of PTCL’s internet:

PTCL was quick to reply:

It seemed like the tweet showdown for go on for quite a while with djuice pointing out PTCL’s “unlimited” excuses:

Data limits hurt, or do they? PTCL and djuice continued to duke it out over social media:

djuice finally brought the tweet war to an end with an epic burn:

Pakistani social media users sure did enjoy the latest from some of the biggest telecom companies in Pakistan. Even the brands are finally waking up to the fact that social media handles should be more than just boring official accounts. Perhaps indulging in some good old-fashioned banter over Twitter should be part of their job description now.

They do say there’s no such thing as bad publicity. So I wonder who else will try to join this epic Twitter feud.

Just in case if you are wondering, Bramerz was behind PTCL’s twitter handle.

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  • ye telenor wale alag ch**ye hain kuch arsy pehle koi MoU nae hua tha ptcl or telenor k bech? ab ye inko troll kar rahy hain ….

  • All telecom companies should launch unlimited broadband packages like ptcl if not possible on 3g,4g then they should offer it on wired broadband.

  • Really bad taste by Telenor. Telenor keeps saying that they were responsible for internet running. This is complete misinformation and misleading. I heard even the CEO of Telenor joined in spreading this wrong information.

    Telenor is completely 100% on Transworld whose one cable TW-1 has been also chopped in the sea. PTCL was unlucky that its 2 cables got chopped off one after another first SMW4 somewhere near Karachi and then IMW in Jeddah. One could say that this is very bad luck. Even then they had 2 more cables available but needed to coordinate with foreign partners to get connectivity from other landing points. The IMW cable was up in record time of only 36 hours while TW-1 and SMW4 have been down 30 days.

    Transworld remaining cable is SMW5 which was also down some months ago and this is also open to cuts. If SMW5 goes down before TW1 is repaired, it is over for Transworld. PTCL can arrange redundancies on its AAE cable and IMW which was up in record time even if one of them goes down again.

    Telenor must stop gloating and PTCL rightly says hasaad na kar.

    Overall in very poor taste Telenor.

  • telenor net sucks i use it yesterday when ptcl was down … terrible internet too expensive too , 750 mb for 75 rupee

  • Telenor / Djuice Internet to waisay hee pethatic hai. Websites bari mushkil say open hoti hain.

  • temperamental ? i get the most fluctuating speeds on telenor possible. i couldnt even stream soundcloud on telenor while they were gloating about streaming video of cable repairs. Back haul transworld se lete hain par baatein bari karte hain. all submarine cables are susceptible to these types of issues. For a network on 850 mhz their 4g services are absolutely pathetic.

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