These Photos Show Why Islamabad is the Most Beautiful City in Pakistan

Islamabad, the capital of Pakistan, is claimed to be one of the most beautiful capitals in the world. With a population of 10 million, it is the 10th largest city of Pakistan. It is the greenest city of Pakistan and also one the most well planned ones. Another point in its favor is that it is home to major and top ranking universities of Pakistan.

If you already aren’t convinced that Islamabad might be the most beautiful city in Pakistan, maybe these picture will convince you!

1. Jinnah Avenue

Photo credits: Alee Nisar

2. Blue Area at night

3. NUST, one of the largest university in Islamabad.

4. Murree Expressway; linking Islamabad and Murree

5. Centaurus Mall

6. Secretariat Road

7. Centaurus Mall

8. Pir Sohawa Road

9. Faisal Masjid

10. Pakistan Monument

Bonus Picture! Hiking Trails.

  • Itne filters and editing k baad to mera Toilet b bhut khoobsurat lagna shuru ho jai ga.
    Whatever the case I love Pakistan as a whole not just Islamabad

    • Its not about being using filter or effects, image post-production balances the parameters that DSLR often fails to calculate real time.

  • As a person who lives in Islamabad, I would like to say that these selected pictures are beautiful. BUT the fact is that there are many roads here which have huge bumps in them. Roads are broken and have not been maintained. Why doesn’t the govt fix them ? Sirf 4 5 selected jaggahon pr saari zindgi guzara krna ha ?

  • Centaurus Mall ki 2,2 tasveeren? Not sure if Isloo or pindi Boyz This post is,……… :D :D #bahahahahahaha

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