These People Are Cycling from London to Makkah to Raise Money for Syria

A group of 8 individuals has set out on a cycling journey from London to Makkah, making it the first official Hajj Ride, with an aim to raise money for Syrians.

This is a first-of-its-kind trip, starting from East London Mosque and going through England, France, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Greece, Egypt and finally reaching Mecca, Saudi Arabia after covering 3500 km within 6 weeks.

The cyclists accompanied by two supporting staff will be offering the Hajj. They intend to embark on this historic journey to help spread awareness about the sufferings of Syrians as well as to represent Islam as a religion of peace and fraternity.

The official website for this Hajj Ride says,

“Raise a Million for Syria”.

The riders are:

  1. Abdul Mukith
  2. Shams Uddin
  3. Tahir Akhtar
  4. Abdul Wahid
  5. Muhammad Ehsan Hussain
  6. Sayfullah Nasir
  7. Dobbir Uddin
  8. Shaheb Muhammad
  9. Abdul Akbar
  10. Noor ul Hassan Sarod

These Muslims have already covered 1856 km i.e. 53% of the journey, as per the website’s latest information. They have managed to raise £150,971.24. You can keep a track of their activities on their Facebook page.

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  • Saudi Arabia has done a pretty good job of housing zero refugees. Hope they keep up the good work.

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