Ali Gul Pir & his Army Go on #AzadiFoodRun with Panda

Our country turns 70 this year and foodpanda set off for the second episode of their #FoodRun, this time, #AzadiFoodRun, to celebrate.

Led by Ali Gul Pir, a foodie army of 10 bloggers boarded on foodpanda’s symbolic green bus and embarked upon a live food-filled, palate-satisfying journey to explore a mix of historic and contemporary food places in Karachi that make up the present-day desi food scene of Pakistan.

There was fun, laughter, milli naghmay and of course, delicious food. See the video to find out what actually went down the journey:

Want to join the celebration?

Put up a grand celebration with your loved ones – wear green, raise the national flag, play all those milli naghmay and order in some desi delights to serve your true Pakistani appetite.

foodpanda is offering up to a 50% Flat Discount on numerous restaurants to add more dhamaal to your azadi celebration.

  • Can we call it INDEPENDENCE where you cant express your Opinion. Can we call it INDEPENDENCE when Thousand of Balouch are martyred Everyday as they want INDEPENDANCE. Can we call it a celebration day where Millions Puktoons are Homeless and Massacred Every Day. Can we call it independence where STATE TV PTV make mockery on Puktoons in a Poetry Program and Make fun of their Sacrifice against Terrorism. The Answer is NO. My Flag will remain BLACK unless Pakistani State turn their Kind eye.

    • You always cry……………..why not you goto India….BTW how much you earn form this crap post……i called this “Randi Rona” …. tum logo ka yeh khatam hona hi nahi ha..
      PS: mistakenly i read your name “Animal” plz forgive me : )
      Quaid Azam Zinda Bad
      PAKISTAN Zinda Bad
      INdia , RAW agent Murdabad

      • Not everyone is a RAW agent, not everyone is “ghaddar” and needs no certificate from you or holy cow, some people have genuine complaints too. Pashtoons particularly and whole Pakistani nation have been victim of Afghan war and its after effects in which our “Zindabad Army” dragged us into and was never sorry for it. Balouch were killed in thousands (recall what Iftikhar Ch. said in live court hearing in Queeta, was SC ever was able to force even a “Sobay-Dar Major” to appear before the court in missing persons’ case? ) This is the same “zindabad” army whose general was messaging US ambassador from the court room, read siachin history, Kargil (1984 and 1999), 1971, East Pakistan history, Baluchistan.. before you call it “….rona”.

        Might is Right always prevailed in Pakistani society which is root cause of all injustice to common man, who brought this “might is right” in our lives? Who ruled 35 years out of 70 years in Pakistan and still politicians are bad ?

        P.S. My love for Pakistan is beyond any certificate from any PMA passed out.

    • Azadi ki qadar karo..
      Phool bhi kanton k baghair nahi khilte.. kanton ki waja se pholon ko daghdar karna theek nahi..
      Happy Independence Day.

    • Balouch do not want “independance” (Independence ) my dear, a few thousands having agenda and not issues should be sent to either India or one GCC state (which welcomes them with passports).
      If a survey is done on some Balouchs or those Pashtoons who are having problems with Pakistan are involved in activities not only against Pakistan but also against their own people, I see such people in my daily life.

      Punjabis, Sindis and others also have complaints but complaints should be against those who have deprived them of rights and this should not be against he country, these include generals, judges and politicians but not common man who himself is suppressed.

  • Student Biryani, for real?
    Should’ve gone for White Biryani or Biryani Centre or Karachi Foods.

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