It’s Time to #GoBeyond & Give More Freedom to Employees Starting this Independence Day

Today’s digital age is transforming the way we’re used to working. Innovation in workplace tools and ubiquity of the internet have given a rise to mobile working, slowly eliminating the need for an employee to be physically present at work in some cases.

Productivity and smart work have replaced the traditional performance metrics of office hours.

Automation of tedious everyday tasks is in and lengthy paperwork, fortunately, is becoming a thing of the past.

Organizations that are adapting to the change are thriving while the resistant ones meeting the inevitable fate of slow or no progress.

An innovative work model

In Pakistan too, things are changing on the workplace front. Progressive and forward-looking organizations, such as Telenor Pakistan, are moving to a new work model that’s flexible and highly productive.

The purpose of Telenor’s #GoBeyond work model is to develop and promote a working culture that is independent of employees’ physical presence, and enables improved professional output ensuring achievement of short and long-term goals.

Having been declared the best place to work, and the most preferred employer in Pakistan on more than one occasion, Telenor Pakistan is the trendsetter of an innovative workplace culture that’s in line with the global trends.

Empowerment & Independence to Make Your own Workday

Telenor’s #GoBeyond model transitions work by freeing it from the ‘number of hours’ put in to the ‘productivity & quality’ aspect of it.

The days of just completing working hours is going to be a thing of the past with quality and timely execution of projects no matter where they are managed from.

It empowers the employees to choose when & where they feel they can produce maximum output in line with goals.

This flexibility and freedom empowers the employee and leaves them to working schedule to their own convenience. The new model accentuates on output as compared to physical presence of employees as the gauge for performance and delivery.

#GoBeyond encourages teams to come up with their own work models in line with their work needs while ensuring effective communication, collaboration and trust within team and with the stakeholders.

A clear win-win

Telenor’s #GoBeyond work model incorporates benefits for the organization as well, since it would entail employees being happier & delivering superior outputs to create greater value for its customers.

Likewise, Telenor employees are able to enjoy work-life balance whilst keeping their allocated performance targets in check.

The #GoBeyond work model empowers the employees to be more agile in their journey towards transforming Telenor Pakistan into a digital organization.

Concurrently, the project was piloted in 20% of the organization and gave highly successful results with Telenor planning to replicate the model company-wide.

It speaks volumes of Telenor’s commitment to innovating its work practices to an extent that its employees are empowered to take the initiative on their own accord. This simply adds yet another reason to why Telenor is the perfect place to work.