Zong 4G Offers Massive Discounts on Postpaid Packages

Zong 4G has introduced a 27% discount on its postpaid packages. Under its latest offers, customers will be able to avail special discounts on Z500, Z900 and Z1500 postpaid packages.

  • Z1500: Monthly line rent reduced to Rs.1,095 from Rs.1500
  • Z900: Monthly line rent reduced to Rs.657 from Rs.900
  • Z500: Monthly line rent reduced to Rs.365 from Rs.500

 These postpaid packages offer free monthly mobile internet up to 8GB with Unlimited Free Zong voice minutes.

This offer is in line with Zong 4G’s commitment of creating a complete 4G ecosystem in Pakistan. Zong 4G’s objective, as expressed through the brand promise of “A New Dream” is to leverage the technological edge in 4G LTE to digitally transform the lifestyle of Pakistani people.

Zong 4G, is the leading 4G operator of Pakistan with a 75% 4G market share and 4G coverage in over 300 cities nationwide.

The company recently announced its plans to upgrade 100% of its network to 4G by year end. The company has also announced plans to invest over $200 Million in Pakistan in 2017.

  • Post pay Packages is Good & Better than Other Networks But Charges are not inclusive of taxes :
    But Monthly Line Rent Main Her Amount K Sath +tax Likha Howa Hai
    Ye Kiya Bat Howi ???

    • Anonymous

      I am surprised how much time you have to comment on every single Post.

      • Shahzad Ahmad

        Looks like You Are New Here & dont know about him :D :D :D

      • جلال مصطفیٰ

        is he paid from Propakistani to entertain readers?

      • umer

        Bhai yeh duniya ka farig tareen admi hai apko nhi pata

        • TechTnT

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      • M Farooq Javaid

        he is a robot brother lol like spammer

  • How much will be 365 including taxes?

    Package made for me.

    • Telecom Guy

      multiply 365 by 1.3624 you will get the Answer.

    • 365 x 12.5% Advance tax = 410.625 x 19.5% Sales tax = 436.175 rupees in Total

      • Kaleem

        how can you add advance tax and then also count tax on advance tax. like you are adding advance tax on original amount of 365 then multiplying the sum with the sales tax. the advance tax and sales tax should be added then multiplied with the actual amount. for example,
        12.5% + 19.5%= 32% or 0.32
        365 x 0.32 = 116.8
        365 + 116.8 = 481.8 will be the exact bill.

    • Kaleem

      the discount is for 6 months only.
      as in FAQs
      “For How long subscriber can avail this Offer?
      The offer incentive will be applicable for Six Bill cycles.”

  • Umair Hassan

    BizXcess packages were way better and cheaper for economical users. please revised it.

    • They are not gonna revise it. It is left for corporate companies only. Individuals will have to choose from new packages.

  • Asif Khan PTI

    Not good specially off net minutes

  • 2-3 month old new ab yaad aye post krni?

    • Payment Ruki Howi thi Zong Walo Se Sponsored Ki: Ab A Gayi hai to Release articles.

  • Sh Zubair Ahmed Chaabra

    there must be a Zero Line Rent package

  • YARaza

    Buhat he economical packages hein ?
    Bus hamary area mein aik KHAMBAA laga dein ?

  • Hunzala Ahmad

    When you have nothing to post so you post 2 month old news.
    Ps. These discounts are only for 6 cycles.

  • Umar Awan

    And by the way this offer is already expired and not more valid now. Very late propk