Samsung Launches Unbelievably Fast Portable SSDs

We are heading into an era of portable SSDs due to their speed and cost-effectiveness. Computers these days have USB 3.1 ports, with data transfer rates faster than ever before.

Given this state of things, Samsung has introduced a new portable SSD T5 drive, which comes with a lot of value-added functionalities.

Samsung Portable SSD Features

The latest T5 SSD drive supports a blisteringly fast 540 MBps speed read/write speed.

On top of this, it is backward compatible with older standards. It can be used in conjunction with a USB-C to USB-A cable and a USB-C to USB-C cable.

It is slightly slower than an M.2. drive. However, the speeds on the T5 SSD are close to Samsung’s desktop SATA SSDs, which is an impressive feat.

The new T5 is a very lightweight device, weighing only 51 grams, and is just about the size of a regular business card. All such portable SSDs are a lot smaller than the regular 2.5 inch portable hard drives.

In terms of security, T5 has an AES 256-bit hardware encryption and a three-year warranty.


The higher capacity drives are costly but the low capacity drives are reasonably priced:

  • 2 TB drive for $799.99
  • 250 GB for $129.99.

250GB and 500GB are available in ‘Alluring Blue’ colors whereas the 1TB and 2TB are found in ‘Deep Black’ color. For comparison’s sake, Western Digital’s 256GB SSD device, which is slightly slower, is available for $99.99.

Samsung’s EVO desktop SSDs are one of the best in the industry in terms of performance and their life cycle. Hopefully the portable ones can live up to that reputation.

The new age data storage and transfer devices are a pretty good deal and provide great value for money. Samsung is on the move to capture the market for SSDs and we’ll soon be seeing more lightweight and extremely fast devices in the market.

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