This Store Owner Boosted His Product Catalog by 5X Thanks to Daraz

You’d never guess Mohammad Imran runs an e-commerce business.

This father of three is unassuming in appearance and mild in demeanor. A man of much experience and few words (aren’t they the best kind?), he calls the metropolis of Karachi his home and has overseen Al-Moiz Computers’ offline store since 1996.



We were led to Imran by his neighbor – fellow Daraz vendor at Techno City, Abdullah Bawa.

Mr. Bawa’s success on Daraz inspired Imran – the first in his family to be educated till Intermediate – to try his hand at e-commerce. When he started out on Daraz in January 2016, he had 100 products. Now his store Al-Moiz Computers, specializing in printers, sells 500+ different products. Daraz’s system of user-generated Reviews and Ratings is serving Imran well.



As with any enterprise situated on a frontier, Imran had his doubts at first, doubts that were soon allayed by Daraz’s healthy reputation for releasing payments in a timely fashion. Of course, that two-day sale total of 9 million rupees during 2016 Black Friday didn’t hurt either.

In a matter-of-fact way, he says:

I’m a no-fuss, no-nonsense type of guy. I’m in it for the convenience. Asaani. Simple si baat hai. Payment time pe milti hai. This encourages vendors to increase their business on Daraz. Because they know they won’t be left waiting for payment. Cash flow is good.

When asked to divulge some of his best kept e-commerce secrets, Imran has played coy. But he hasn’t the interest in, nor the time for idle talk. At the rate Al-Moiz Computers is growing, who could blame him?

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