FBR Burns Down 10.2 Million Counterfeit Cigarettes

The Directorate of Intelligence & Investigation (IR) of Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) has seized 1020 cartons of counterfeit cigarettes (10.20 million sticks) stocked in secret warehouses in Peshawar.

The counterfeit cigarettes were burnt down today at 11 am in the presence of media and witnesses.

Brands of Cigarettes

870 cartons of Gold Leaf, Red & White, Morven, Capstan, Gold Flake, Pine, C-Pec, Bridge etc. were confiscated, while 150 cartons of Chunghwa, Marlboro, Dunhill, Seven Stars, Grand, Winston & Pine were also seized from the warehouses.

Intel Reports

The intelligence wing of the FBR received an intel report from its sources regarding the secret warehouses within the premises of District Peshawar where huge quantities of counterfeit cigarettes were stored. The mobile squad of FBR was assigned the task of collecting samples the cigarettes from the specified locations, to test the credibility of the report, without revealing their identity.

Four go-downs were discovered with stocks of counterfeit cigarettes near Chughal Pura, Ring Road Bridge Peshawar. The authorized officers along with supporting staff visited the locations and seized the stocks of cigarettes in compliance with the Section 27(1) of the Federal Excise Act 2005.

Feature Writer

  • wait a second ! These were non-custom paid cigarettes or counterfeit cigarettes? There is ambiguity in writing.

  • There is a huge difference between counterfeit cigarettes and non-custom paid cigarettes. One is illegal and the other is a serious health hazard (oh, the irony though.)

    What kind of two-bit journalism is this?

    • To set the record straight, these 10.2 million cigarettes were counterfeit of original local and foreign brands. They were confiscated after raid by the directorate of inland revenue intelligence. Fbr has two main wings, the inland revenue service and the customs service. Inland Revenue collects about two thirds of the total collected by fbr. Regards

  • damn bewaqof log… jalane ki kya zarorat thi.. pollution kay bajae recycle ker sakty thay… there are many ways.

  • Aaj ke Insaan pe Afsos sad Afsos hai is liye pabandi nhi lagai ke yeh muzar sehat hai balke is liye jala dali ke yeh cheez nakli hai . R.I.P Humanity

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