Azme Naujawan to Kickstart on International Youth Day

A country’s youth is the backbone of any nation and plays a crucial role in its prosperity. Pakistan’s young citizens belong to a nation that is riddled with problems, and yet has immense potential to survive against all odds.

Consequently, the country’s youth needs a platform that will help them find a way out of problems, develop a sense of belonging to the society, and bring about a positive change.

Ten civil society organizations of Pakistan came together to make that dream a practical reality through a platform called Azme Naujawan (AeN) that works towards the realization of the youth’s aspirations through capacity building, mentoring, and meaningful engagement.

AeN came into being as a response to the most pressing problems faced by Pakistani youth today, particularly their susceptibility to fall prey to extremist groups due to poor mentoring and a lack of sense of direction.

AeN realizes that feelings of disengagement and alienation from the society can make youth an easy target for those factions whose ideologies are tailored to rob young people of critical thinking skills and drive them towards violence.

With the same spirit, the consortium officially launched its youth engagement and mentoring platform on the auspicious occasion of International Youth Day on 12th August 2017 at PC Marquee, Karachi, bringing together over 1000 youth from all over Karachi to reinforce their agenda and kick start AeN.

The AeN partners introduced a holistic training program that initially involves training 1100 youth from Karachi over a period of six months across six districts.

Seven youth centers will be established for this purpose; one in each district and one as the centralized hub. 22 youth groups will be formed at the onset of the program and will be trained in 44 batches using the curriculum designed by the consortium members.

The trained youth will be mentored on an ongoing basis throughout the training to help them identify problems and come up with solutions in the form of social action projects and campaigns.

Hosted by a renowned journalist and activist, Sidra Iqbal, the event was graced by the presence of notable celebrities and a member of Pakistan’s National Assembly, Ms. Nafisa Shah.

During the event AeN partners stressed on the gravity of the problem that lies within our educational system, and highlighted the potential of our youth to become better versions of themselves if provided with the right training, opportunities, and proper mentoring.

AeN is the need of the hour in an age when guns are cheaper than smartphones, religious and political radicalism are constantly rising, and conventional educational setups are failing to impart the wisdom that today’s youth need to feel a sense of belonging to society.

A platform like Azme Naujawan shows the light at the end of the tunnel and pledges a new hope for the upcoming generations of this country. Let’s hope that the Azm with which this noble initiative has been taken culminates into a shining success.

Join AeN in its cause to empower Pakistan’s youth and establish a key link in their communities through a greater sense of civic responsibility.

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