Ufone Launches ‘Super Internet’ Package

Ufone is launching ‘Super Internet’ package, which is a unique product positioned for convenience of data usage.

Super Internet, which can be subscribed on a recharge of Rs.100 (inclusive of all taxes) will provide customers with 1 GB Data for 7 days without any additional charges. Super Internet will be available at Retail and ‘My Ufone’ App. The product was piloted in Peshawar, Quetta, Sheikhupura, Kasur from 1st July – August 7th and is now available countrywide.

Continuing its tradition of highlighting the incredible people of Pakistan, Ms. Rabya Faisal, a Ufone customer and the brains behind Redolence Cakes in Lahore was introduced at a bloggers’ meet-up held recently in Karachi on Monday, August 28, 2017 to launch Ufone’s ‘Super Internet’  campaign.


Ufone Internet Packages

Rabya learned baking from her mother and says it was mostly a way to keep her busy when she was younger.

It wasn’t in my wildest imagination that my penchant for baking would turn into my establishing a popular baking brand.

Rabya doesn’t take the sole credit of her success and attributes it to her extremely supportive husband, Faisal, saying that he has played a pivotal role in the success of Redolence, making it the brand that is today, not only for its great taste but also decorative designs.

Rabya and Faisal have worked like a team and have gone strength to strength since the beginning of their business. Rabya, a Ufone customer, shares that Ufone’s reliable service and convenient packages has made life easier for her.

When you are setting up your business and trying to create a name for yourself, it’s extremely important to provide great service to your clients. Word of mouth are important for a start-up. And that’s why I’ve paid special attention to being available to my customers, to communicate with them as and when needed. And Ufone has helped me with doing that.

Understanding that sometimes all customers want is to get things done as quickly and easily as possible, without hassles, Ufone focuses on increasing convenience for customers to reduce the efforts they have to make to go about their businesses.

Super Internet provides Ufone customers with a product that fulfills their internet data needs. It gives more convenience for data subscriber as it has no daily charges, no tax or additional charges calculation. Additionally, Super Card users who were fully consuming their free data well before expiry can continue to use data for more days than they used to.

Rabya Faisal shares

By no means has my journey been an easy ride. Me and my husband have worked extremely hard to make a name for our business. In the beginning I didn’t have utensils and proper moulds and didn’t have enough money to buy them either. But now I have a big kitchen with a number of assistants and we bake hundreds of pounds of cakes every day.

She and her husband have launched their own café in the centre of Lahore and have bigger plans for Redolence Cakes in the future.

Ufone will continue to support and promote exceptional people like Rabya who leave their mark in the society by demonstrating unwavering commitment to entrepreneurship and attaining success through aptitude and sheer hard work.

  • Zong say seekho kuch, I am a Ufone customer for more than a decade now and i feel zong got better internet packages.

    • Zong Rs 170 me 2GB aur Ufone Rs 100 me Directly 1GB
      Doesnt Matter for a regular user

      • Zong #4444# package gives 2gb data and 50 all network mins…in Rs 100 without taxes with taxes 157

        • Pii Rakhi hai Lagta Rs 170 k Load kr k lagta Bhai
          Aur Network Coverage achi nhi Zong ki Even in Main City and Far Flung Areas Too
          And Ufone is not for Students its for Professionals and Youngsters

          • Hosh mn hi msg kiya tha… 157 se lag jata he…. Check kr lo mn Khud apna load Krta hoon..

      • LOL! What about 2GB of Zong Good Night Offer at Rs.12 and another 1GB of Day Time Offer at Rs.12! You can download 3GB of data everyday less than of Rs.30 and downloading speed between 2MBps to 5MBps on 4G – Yes, MBps not Mbps! Get a life!

        • Han G We Dont Use this for Downloading all Downloading is Done on BroadBand

      • Very expensive packages….

        Here we get 30 gb data for Rs 250 + unlmited calling

            • Kar lo Gal

              Tatti Room tady kol he ni 50+ % awaam kol

              Net chla lo

              Yaha B sab kujj Sasta hai Bhai
              All 4 Network are going well Day by Day.?

              • G aap ki is bakwaas se idea ho rha hai ap log kitny Educated ho

                India is the Most Raped Country in the World

                I dont want to talk Idiots Simple


                • @shivathestupid dusro ko kehne se pehle apne aap ko dekh lo
                  app se ziada pata hai hume
                  teri zaban se pata chal raha hai teri aokaat

              • Waise bande ne target ap ko kiya naa k ap ki family aur ap uski family ko abuse kar rahe ho , kam se kam apne naam ki to respect rakho, thore manners he seekh lo k public forum pe kaise baat karni chahiye

                • Reaction bhi ek limit mein acha rehta hai, aur reaction se pata chalta hai k parents ne kaisi tarbiyat ki hai bachon ki, tujhe punch karna hai to us ko kar baqi us k ghar walon k against baat karna is ka haq to tujhe nhn hai

  • i love Ufone 3G and their packages. Super card is best,i will go for super internet to meet many surplus monthly MBs

      • Bro,,, Em also a Super Card user and really satisfied,,, no matter which product you prefer, its your decision and you also respect choices of others.

        • Dear brother. I am using ufone super card since 2 years. So dont tell me abput your level of satisfaction but super internet offer is just crap. 100 rupees per GB is too much.

        • And ufone is still on its pathetic 3g network. Didn’t even bother to buy 4G license. RIP Ufone

    • Also using super card from last 2 years having experience of pathetic 3G internet speed. some times i have to call to confirm from customer center is the internet i am using is 3G internet?

    • Na sirf Zinda he Bal k sab se best b hai in All in One Monthly Offer with Best Network Coverage around Pakistan.

        • han G Practically Checked kbi Border sides aaur kbi Naran Kaghan is trha k areas me jana to lag jay ga pta kon kitny paani me hai

          Aur Han Voice Quality Matters a Lot

          • Pehle cities mein to service sahi kar den Ufone wale , paharon aur nehron ko baad mein dekhen ge ?

              • Ufone ap ko pata hai sirf girls ki wajah se chal raha hai aur isi wajah se boys ko bhi Ufone khareedni parhti hai, example k tor pe article parh len us mein bhi kahani ek larki pe ghoom rahi hai ?

  • Zong is the leader of mobile internet in quality, price and GB volume.

    I can finish 1GB in 1 hour, Ufone expects it to last 7 days??? lol.

  • What’s this baking woman got to do with this offer from Ufone? How does her opinion matter in this? LOL man stop posting paid gutter trash.

  • What’s the point when your already available *5050# package costs 80 including all the taxes and provides 100 u to u minutes along with the 1GB.

    20+tax saved. Plus 100 u to u minutes too. Bad deal?

    I’m amazed on the ufone guys minds though. Hire me as your cost accountant guys. Lol

  • Shukar hai itna sochna nhe parta.. Thanks to jazz postpaid unlimited internet bucket

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