Instagram Now Supports Different Types of Photos in Albums

Instagram is finally adding a much-requested feature to its platform.

You can now choose the format of the pictures you upload in your Instagram album, with both landscape and portrait modes supported. Previously, you could only upload a picture in a square frame.

The new feature

The app introduced its album feature in February that lets you add up to 10 photos or videos in a single post.

You can now upload landscape or portrait photos and videos to your album without being restricted to only squares.

The previous restriction required you to either post photos in a row or let it be cropped.

Limitations Exist

The new feature, although an improvement, does have a restriction: you can only post photos in a shared format. So you can’t upload landscape and portrait photos in the same album.

The company says this limitation is “to keep the experience smooth and consistent” across the app.

The new update is on the roll

The app is slowly making improvements to its clunky albums.

Instagram mentioned in its blog post update,

“Over the past weeks, we’ve made other improvements to posts with multiple photos and videos. You can now edit tagged people after you’ve posted and, on iOS, you can save these posts as drafts if you aren’t quite ready to share them.”

The ‘saving as draft’ feature will soon be coming Android according to Instagram.

The feature might not be available to you today as it is been rolled out all over the world. Rest assured, you may get it in a day or two.

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