These ISPs Offer the Fastest Internet in Pakistan

The introduction of 3G/4G in Pakistan has helped bring the wonders of the internet to millions of people.

However, mobile internet tends to be on the expensive side and if you belong to a household with multiple internet users, you know that lots of video streaming happens, and even several gigabytes are downloaded daily. This makes mobile internet prohibitively expensive. It’s also a major reason why people still use broadband connections.

Why Broadband Internet is Preferred

Broadband or fixed household connections usually bring the added benefit of unlimited downloads and stable download speeds. Before 3G/4G, it used to be our only pathway to internet connectivity but since then it’s a relatively slower means of internet access.

Now that mobile internet is so fast, home broadband connections are also required to offer higher download speeds along with traditional unlimited download caps.

ProPakistani has compiled a list of broadband service providers which provide the fastest internet speeds in Pakistan. Take a look at the best option for you depending on your area.

Note: The list only includes ISPs which offer a download limit of at least 50GB per month. ISPs are mentioned based on their fastest internet package regardless of any limitations due to area, variations in actual speed or any other factors.


Offering fiber optic broadband services in area of Karachi, Hyderabad, Lahore and Faisalabad, Fiberlink claims to be the fastest ISP in Pakistan.

Fiberlink offers speeds of up to 200mbps to household users. Starting at Rs. 1,500 for 12mbps, customers get to choose from several packages including 20mbps (Rs. 2,000), 40mbps (Rs. 2,500), 100mbps (Rs. 4,000), 150mbps (Rs. 4,500) and 200mbps (Rs. 4,800).

That’s not all, the speed doubles during the night (2:30AM to 9:00AM), even for the 200mbps package. Those who pay for the whole year upfront also get additional discounts on the monthly bill.

More details can be viewed at the company’s website.


PTCL is the largest internet service provider in Pakistan and is by far the most accessible and most used one in the list. The semi-government company has a strong fiber backbone including its own undersea cables.

The company relies on its dated copper network to provide one of the fastest internet connections in the country. It relies on multiple lines but is able to offer speeds of up to 100mbps to the average consumer.

Customers get to choose from 20mbps, 30mbps, 50mbps and 100mbps for a price between Rs. 6,000 to Rs. 20,000 plus taxes.

PTCL also offers free PTCL Smart TV (and Smart TV App), free unlimited on-net calls and access to its multimedia repository.

PTCL CharJi mobile broadband devices are also good options for users as they come with theoretical speeds of up to 36mbps and unlimited bandwidth.


Optix aims to offer its “next generation superfast fiber services” across the country and currently offers fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) to households in Lahore and Karachi.

Customers get to choose between single play and triple play packages (TV, Phone, Internet) starting at 2mbps (Rs. 1,350 for single play, Rs. 1,850 for triple play) and go all the way up to 60mbps (Rs. 6,599 for single play, Rs. 6,899 for triple play).

Prices vary accordingly and can be viewed at the company’s website here.


StormFiber claims to be Pakistan’s most reliable fiber backed home broadband service provider in Pakistan. Customers certainly seem to back the company’s claims but that’s not something we can judge right now.

The Cybernet subsidiary currently offers its home based services in select areas of Lahore, Karachi and Faisalabad. Customers get to choose between broadband speeds of 10mbps (Rs. 1,999), 20mbps (Rs. 2,999) and 30mbps (Rs. 3,999).

Stormfiber users also get access to telephony and HD TV services complementing the fiber back broadband packages. More information is available here.


Nayatel is available in Islamabad, Rawalpindi and Faisalabad offering FTTH services to thousands of customers across these cities. The company is well known for its triple play packages and good support service.

Buyers get a standard download speed of 7mbps across all of its packages, which are generally accompanied by download caps during peak hours. During off-peak hours and weekends, users get unlimited downloads at higher speeds of up to 12mbps depending on the package.

The ISP also offers a separate 10mbps channels with unlimited YouTube streaming all day long. The triple play package includes standard telephony and SD or HD television. More details are available here.


Worldcall is an old player in the Pakistani ISP market, however, the company has now restricted its consumer services to just Lahore and Karachi.

Users get to choose from speeds of up to 10mbps at affordable rates. All connections make use of the company’s fiber optic network.

1mbps starts at Rs. 699 with unlimited downloads while the top package offers 10mbps for Rs 3,500 with free cable TV. Package details are available here.

Honorary Mention – Wi-Tribe

Wi-tribe offers wireless broadband solutions for residential customers. Until now, the company’s portfolio was limited to packages with top speeds of up to 5mbps. However, Wi-tribe has successfully tested LTE-A based connections which enable it to offer speeds of up to 200mbps.

The new faster packages are expected to become available very soon.

Which ISP are you using for home and office purposes? How satisfied are you with it? Sound off below.

He is the Editor at ProPakistani.

  • Nice info

    • evo

      PTCL kafi achay pkgs deta hai DSL me
      or evo me bhi mery pas ek pkg hai 855 Rs monthly 20GB
      kafi acha guzara hota hai is per bhi

      zong walay mehngy hai kafi per speed achi hai


  • yasir

    Why have you skipped Qubee??

    • hassancent

      Because they don’t offer any packages higher than 4mbps.

    • sol666 .

      wateen is dead (atleast in the wireless internet market)!Qubee is dead(really dead!)! only wi-tribe remains. someone needs to file a petition against 14% advance tax on internet. It is literally killing affordable internet services in Pakistan.

  • Gemini

    I have used almost all of them and trust me they are good for nothing. Right now i can only trust 2 connections here in Karachi. StormFiber from Cybernet and Wateen Fiber to Home I am personally using wateen and it’s good almost 100% up time only faces issues when there is a fiber break. 1st Priority is StormFiber because of their packages but it’s not available in my area. Plus i am a gamer and it’s ping and latency which matter a lot and wateen is good from a gamer’s point of view.

    • Irfan Memon

      Try gemnet

    • C

      I wasn’t aware that Wateen Fiber is available in Karachi. Which area are you in? Is there a coverage map? Because I can’t find one on their website.

    • Mateen

      why is wateen not covered

  • PTCL: Customers get to choose from 20mbps, 30mbps, 50mbps and 100mbps but they will get only 512KBPS… -_-

    • Gemini

      Yes and fiber k naam pe awaam ko chay bana rahay hain, Jab k doosri companies ghar tak fiber ki line de rahi hain aur ptcl still providing old wires with new shape.

      • Ye cheeez…!!

      • AbdulB1

        Ptcl should be banned calling a copper dsl as fiber.

    • Naveed

      Not really . I have 8Mbps VDSL and its stable with good speeds. No issues at all. PTCL is not that bad nowadays :P

      • Ahsan

        Agreed with Naveed. But I have concerns about uploading speed

      • Wakt Wakt ki baat hy.. :D
        ALLAH salamat rakhay apke PTCL ko :D

      • Tabrez Malik


      • Attuf Habib

        Same here.8mbps VDSL and its been good for past 2yrs.Service used to be pathetic before its privatization but now its fine.Max downtime is around 5-10mins/day and if you complain the issue gets resolved very next day,

      • Muhammad Imaz

        bhai mera b kuch arsa phly kuch esa hi khyal tha…mgr ptcl zyada arsa kisi ko khush nai rhny dta..:D

    • Najam

      people get packages speed according to package dude….

      • but the speed sucks…!!

        • Najam

          if u have fibre then dont

    • Rashid

      PTCL say paisay lay k rakha hoga peetcl ko do number network k tor pay

    • Atif
    • Ammar

      I have 30mbps VDSL and I get around 27mbps.

      • M Minu Rajput

        price and place

    • I’m using 5 mbps and getting upto 1mbps download speed, (750kbps average),upgraded from 4mbps that gave me 450kbps…

  • Using PTCL. No other option available in my area #Faisalabad

    I would prefer Nayatel because of their quality.

  • Muhammad Ashraf

    ptcl 4g has limited download volume not unlimited, pls correct

  • Zafar Abbas Rizvi

    Dear Writer of this article,

    You have completely forgotten PTCL’s new Transform packages or you didn’t even know about it.
    PTCL is offering Truly UNLIMITED volume 5 Mbps (1,999), 10 Mbps (2,499), 20 Mbps (2,999), 50 Mbps (3,999) and 100 Mbps (4,999) without any line rent and with
    . Free Freedom Unlimited
    · Free VAS Bundle
    · Free IPTV
    · Free OTT App
    · Free PGL
    · Free SmartLink Cable TV

    And customer can choose any available medium for these packages including ADSL, VDSL or GPON. Because ADSL doesn’t work beyond 20 Mbps.

    Following is the detail of packages and PTCL exchanges across country offering these packages. Faisalabad has 7 exchanges, Lahore 4, Karachi 3, Gujranwala 2, Islamabad (Baharia), Multan, Hyderabad and Peshawer 1 each.

    • hassancent

      Nope, I contacted them about these packages. They said these are only available in gulberg Because both fiberlink and stormfiber is there. I can’t get these packages.
      EDIT : I also live in lahore and too far away from gulberg.

      • Zafar Abbas Rizvi

        Read my comment again. I never said these packages are available everywhere. I even provided link to check your related exchange if available.

        • hassancent

          my area is in “not transformed”. But by the time it gets here, i will already have fiberlink and stormfiber to choose from. Fiberlink is already here in my area.
          Edit: i just contacted them now and the packages are now available in my area. I’ll call when i come back home to change package.

        • LeminoMusic

          Yes using the 2499 10 Mbps package. It’s offering nice speed upto 1.2 MB transfer rate on idm here in multan. But the total bill after tax for 10 Mbps will be 3360 and for 20 Mbps will be 4060 approximately.

      • Rehan Raza

        this is true its only available in gulberg and wapda town areas. due to presence of competitors there and these pakages detail could be found in local exchange if you visit there.

    • Najam

      any news for sialkot/

      • Zafar Abbas Rizvi

        Not yet

    • Muhammad Umer

      Bro, your given link is down. Can you give names of Lahore exchanges?

      • Zafar Abbas Rizvi
        • Muhammad Umer

          Bro, Link is down. Tried it with PTCL, Qubee & Zong

          • Murtaza Saeed

            Exchanges for LTR (Lahore):
            Gulberg Exchange (this also supports FTTH GPON)
            Wapda Town

            • Zafar Abbas Rizvi

              Its gulgasht and you are missing Wapda Town exchange.

              • Murtaza Saeed

                Dubara comment parhein zafar bhai miss ho gaya shayad aap se. Wapda town is written there ?

                • Zafar Abbas Rizvi

                  Yeh bik gai hai gormint ?

                • Zafar Abbas Rizvi

                  And now you skipped DHA

          • Zafar Abbas Rizvi
            • Muhammad Umer

              Bro, Any update from Lahore? New exchanges…
              I am already paying for VDSL 12Mbps which is 5500 rupee more than a year now and i am tired of paying that much.
              BTW my DSL guy told me a month ago that previously they didn’t install VDSL card but now, they did installed it.
              Should i consider it as a GO for Transform Package?

    • DawnTech

      That’s exactly I was talking about
      There is still still no match for PTCL.
      It’s affordable and available.
      Along with millions of customers PTCL also serving 20k employees. Mean 20k families.
      However they wanted to get rid of them but still #respectforptcl

    • Kaka

      Ye seb secret info ap ko kaise pata? do u work for ptcl? aur karachi mein kaunsi 3 exchanges hai jo transform hogaye hain? wo ip link kam nai karaha hai mere pas. Thanks.

      • Zafar Abbas Rizvi

        Yeh secret nahin hai. Jahan jahan exchanges transform ho gai hyn wahan sirf new transform package hi chal rahay hyn. Aur jo in process hyn wahan old and transform dono available hyn. Jese hi woh b transform ho gai wahan b sirf transform packages hi chalen gay. Aur yeh rahi list. Karachi ko 3 exchanges PECHS, Gulshan e Iqbal aur Clifton transform packages de rahi hyn.

        • kaka

          Thanks zafar bhai. Ap ko toh Aamir bhai se be ziada information hai ap ko chiye ke apna tech blog launch kar dein.

          • Zafar Abbas Rizvi

            Ayni v anni nai pai.

        • Bro link is protected, Can you tell any details about Islamabad?

    • FuriousNinja

      *Exclusive of taxes.

      • Zafar Abbas Rizvi

        Obviously. Prices written exclusive of taxes in this article.

    • Emraan Hashmi

      O Dallay Bayghairat Teri Waja Say Link Pe Restriction Laga Di Hai Username Password Ki… Teri Gaand Mein Kaunsa Keera Tha Jo Link Tu Ne Yahan Likh Dia???

      • Zafar Abbas Rizvi

        Teri behn raat mere saath thi us ne kaha tha post karne ko. Pooch us se.

        • Emraan Hashmi

          Aur teri maaa meray sath thi pichli 10 raaton say choud choud kar maar dia saali ko main ne gashti k bachay

    • Muhammad Faizan

      But you know About PTCL speed…hahah its joking because ptcl Uploading speed round about 349kbps on 10mbps speed pkg..

  • Mumtaz Hussain

    I was expecting a chart or speed to pricing ratio but maybe next you guys will do it instead of throwing numbers in paragraphs like a primary school essay.

  • LeminoMusic

    Using 10Mbps PTCL connection here in Multan for 2499. Speed is usually up to the mark but sometimes it also fails badly. Waiting for Fiberlink to provide their fiber services in Multan too.

    • Atif

      when it goes down check your uploads….. because of limited upload speed when you choke those, your download gets down.

      • LeminoMusic

        Don’t know why PTCL is still offering 1Mbps upload speed even on 10Mbps connection. I thought this barrier was limited upto 8 Mbps connection only!

        • Atif

          :)this is a technological barrier (ADSL2+) cant go above 3 Mbps that too if optimum conditions and hampering download speed a bit.
          on PTCL infrastructure (copper cables with joints) they cant go above 1 Mbps. they have tested up to 3 Mbps few months back, don’t know what happened to that test. (they asked 8 Mbps and up to do beta test)

        • Zafar Abbas Rizvi

          Call help line or chat online on PTCL website and ask them to change your medium from ADSL to VDSL (its free) if your connection is Fiber to copper instead of copper to copper and VDSL available to your PTCL cabinet. You will get more stable speed and 2.25 Mbps upload speed.

          • kaka

            Zafar bhai mere pas ghar pe copper wire ari hai pole se lakin backend pe ONU hai, kia mein vdsl pe transform kar sakhta hoon? mere upload speed 1mb se kam hai aur dl 8 mb hai.

            • Zafar Abbas Rizvi

              Pole se ghar tak copper hi aati hai. Backend cabinet tak fiber hoti hai. Agar aap k cabinet mein VDSL card installed hai to aap VDSL transform package pe convert karwa saktay ho. Otherwise ADSL pe hi transform 10 Mbps karwa lo. Charges 3400 including taxes.

          • LeminoMusic

            Thanks for help! But I’ve contacted PTCL helpline and they are saying that VDSL is only available for regular broadband package like 8 Mbps for Rs 3025 and it’s not available for trnasform package!

    • Uzair

      In which area of multan you arr using transform package

      • LeminoMusic

        WAPDA Town Multan

  • Hassan Khan

    Definitely biggest benefit of fixed line is its unlimited cap and unlimited downloads but as the 3G/4G revolutionized the way of people using the data, still many prefer wireless broadband that is also on the go, due to the fact you can carry it all along. People are so much habitual in using mobile phones that first thing they go in restaurants or at relatives they ask for WiFI passwords. Few ISPs mentioned above specially NayaTEL and FibreLink are giving exceptional services as with FibreLink they are dropping fibre at the last mile. Just outside their homes. With PTCL struggle with thier customer service if anyone want to go for fixedline go for FibreLink if you are in Lahore and NayaTel if you are in Islamabad.

    But preference is still wireless broadband as the leverage is its mobility. aand ZONG tops the best wireless broadband experience and customer service till date.

    • DawnTech

      PTCL is like your family line. Without ptcl landline ? your home cannot complete and you feel disconnected with your family when you out of home.
      When every communication freezes and down in the country then only PTCL landline ? works. That’s the blessing of PTCL.
      Respect your country and respect your national assets.
      Your life will be in peace ?

      • FuriousNinja

        Bhai theek ho? PTCL also faced downtimes and major downtimes at that. Ek cheez hi wse hi na chalay r uski respect kro? xD

  • Nishom Zawan

    Fiber link FTW

    • Nishom Zawan

      Fiber link is going pretty fine for me except the GST as a 100mbps goes up to 5300 Pkr with Tax included but other than that they have been pretty good , much better than my Ptcl 4mbps for sure lol

      • DJ

        fiber link is like 2nd PTCL using it from last 2 years if service is working fine its the best once you get any issue like fiber cut you are fuped badly seen 3,3 weeks down time and no after sale services at all but from last 2-3 months its going perfectly smooth

        • Nishom Zawan

          Well I am in Faisalabad and I am.using there 100mbps connection for 4months now never had a downtime more than couple of house , I guess I am just lucky ?

          • kaka

            city and speedtest plz?

            • Nishom Zawan

              City is Faisalabad

            • Nishom Zawan
            • Nishom Zawan

              The speeedtest shown below is over WiFi in comparative to land which can achieve full 100mbps up and download , not to mention speed gets doubled at night

              • kaka

                Thanks. u work for fiberlink right? can u ask fiberlink people to start offering their services in my area. only PTCL is available in my area no one else. Chapal Sun City kda scheme 33 near kiran hospital karachi.

                • Nishom Zawan

                  Lol bro I am a 17 year old teenager who has just been admitted in Nust , the fact is people in Pakistan just can’t see anything good in this country

                  • kaka

                    Oh I’m sorry bro, I thought u work for fiberlink, my bad and thanks for the replies.

                    • Aqsa Kareem


  • Hacker008

    400Mbps by Fibre Link ? abay itni speed to USA mein Google Fiber bhi nahi deta. :p

    • sheryar

      kuch pata na ho to bhonka na kero
      USA Canada is offering speeds of 1Gbps for $140

    • Zafar Abbas Rizvi

      Hun araam e?

    • Muhammad Umer

      Google fiber 1000 Mbps Up and Dw pai data hai.

  • Abdul WAHAB

    why no qubee, my favorite.

    • Arabian Day

      hammer head or whatever that guys name is, please respond to this guy. He only understands you.

  • Najam

    ptcl transform packages not yet available in sialkot …..waiting

  • sheryar

    PTCL? Bhang pya hai admin ne …

  • common Pakistani

    Nayatel is the best.

  • Muhammed Ovais Alam

    “Hairaan” to see PeeTCL in the list :/

    • Atif
      • Muhammed Ovais Alam

        Kitni dair k liay aae thi ye speed?

        • Atif

          All the time, 24/7

          • Muhammed Ovais Alam

            Location? Connection type?

            • Atif

              Bahia Town ph 8 Rawalpindi, DSL on normal copper wires.
              4mb to 8mb. after that they only put a 500 rupee box that i think only clears the line noise (not sure about that, ptcl here now install similar boxes by default)

              after that my attainable rate went from 13000 to 24000 so i went to 12 and now on 20 with new rates.

              • Muhammed Ovais Alam

                I am in Karachi and NOT in bahria town.
                Farq to hona hi hai

                • Atif

                  I was in gulshan e iqbal block 9 2 years back, had no issue there too, was on 8mb.
                  I never had issues there in block 9 and never paid a penny. Only paid 800 for wire change from pole to my house.
                  Cousin in block 5 is on 20 mb since i told her.

                  • Muhammed Ovais Alam

                    Maybe the issue is with me and other (thousands of) people only.

                    • Atif

                      Yes issue is with you and thousand of people ko aap side lagayeen.
                      First visit your exchange and goto computer /internet room and ask if the area where you live is capable fur high speed or not. If they say you can’t, than you can’t, else have your lineman check whole wire from pole to your house.

  • ask

    Beside PTCL there is no option for people who live in small cities for unlimited internet, why FTTH is growing to slowly in Pakistan??

  • Inam

    Fiberlink is fake, they have ripped off many people in Lahore and Karachi.

  • anas qamar

    I’ve heard terrible things about FiberLink. Although it’s dirt cheap, I’ve heard horrible stories from people having no internet availability for months. On the other hand, StormFiber seems to be everyone’s favorite as it’s quite reliable, according to a lot of people on HalaatUpdates. Personally, I’ve used WorldCall and it has become the most useless ISP nowadays. I was done with it when we had 24 hour+ outages twice. Now I’m using a local ISP. As for PTCL, Connect, Fariya, and others, the situation literally depends on your area. In some areas it’s good, while in others it is not, so you have to ask your locals to decide on which one’s reliable in your area.
    The problem with StormFiber is their low coverage. I’m desperately waiting for them to expand into my area!

  • RSaleem

    PTCL also offers free PTCL Smart TV (and Smart TV App), free unlimited on-net calls and access to its multimedia repository. where I can get free?

    • Ahmad

      but on 8mb connection, which is 3500-4000 with taxes and line rent

      • Atif

        they have revised rates, check those.

        • kaka

          wat do u mean revised rates? r u referring to transform packages? dude those transform packages is not available in every area.

        • Ahmad

          yeah, but for advertisement only they say 4mb unlimited monthly fee 1750 approx. i am paying 2300-2400 approx. with line rent, gst and witholding tax

  • Ali

    And none of these are available in Bahria Town, Lahore :) Thanks to monopoly between PTCL and Bahria Town management.

    • Atif

      you mean none of these other than ptcl :)

      • Ali

        Yes, and max available on PTCL is 8Mbps. Above this, you only pay for disconnections.

        • Atif

          Ask ptcl, not the local lineman they know nothing.
          Im on 20mb yet according to lineman max is 8mb lol

  • Ahmad

    sub se Bakwas PTCL hai

  • Atif

    ptcl has updated its rates….
    i was using 12 Mbps for 4000 which this month have been updated to 20 Mbps for 3000.
    speed test always gets up to 16 / 17 but downloads gets upto 2.x Mbps

    • Muhammad Umer

      How and which area and exchange?

      • Atif

        received pamphlets from ptcl about the offer after which i saw, its on their bills too.
        Bahria Town Rawalpindi.

  • You should place PTCL at the bottom. They offer the most pathetic services with slow browsing and frequent disconnection. I am currently facing the same issue for the last 20 days. No one even bothered to contact me in this regard. The helpline is always there to offer a new lollipop every time you make a call on 1218. I am seriously thinking of switching to any other service. Can somebody suggest me any other reliable service for Gulistan-e-Jauhar Karachi?

    • Humayun Ghani

      Ji bhai I’m from johar blk2. 3 saal se ptcl BB use ker raha tha. Lykin achanak kisi ki nazar lag gai aur line mein pehle tu issues ane lage and then 2months se pori line hi drop ho gai. La tadaad complaints kerwa dein, johar exchange bhi gaya but line kisi ne theek na ki.
      Since johar mein koi fiber option tu hai nahi tu meine Telenor ka 4G lay liya hai. Filhaal tu zindagi mein sukoon hai. internet mein koi issue nahi hai bas naap naap ker net use kerna parta hai:) I’m desperately waiting for StormFiber or any other fiber connection.

  • Mushif Ali Nawaz

    PTCL 4 Mbps Fiber connection. This is a consistent speed. So I am very much satisfied with PTCL. :)

    • FuriousNinja

      What do you mean by fibre? And that too on 4mb?

      • Mushif Ali Nawaz

        Optical Fiber connection instead of a copper-wire (old technology) connection. It is much faster and has consistent bandwidth. :)

  • Using Nayatel from last 2 Years in Rawalpindi, Amazing support, Great speed in budget, never get any issue.

    • Ammar

      LOL you shared the speedtest from Eid.

  • Zuhaib Mehdi

    I love fiberlink and their internet. Using 20MB package and totally satisfied with them.

    • kaka

      city and speedtest plz?

  • Sohaib Alam


  • Muhammad Yasir

    Fiberlink please cover whole Karachi !

  • DawnTech

    I believe every one is speaking against PTCL due to bad customer services But trust me PTCL is the only one which is affordable and available.
    The packages they are providing have no match when it comes to data per month. It’s cheap and everyone using it.
    I can bet 90% of the people commenting on this post have PTCL connection at there home, the legacy of PTCL can’t be denied.
    Everybody complain and everyone use PTCL. Have to admit that there services are extremely improved In last one decade
    . If you talk about Zong 4G then no doubt it’s fastest and 3G of mobilink but the same time 80% of the customers cannot afford, it’s expensive and limited coverage across th country.
    Even People having zong 4G using very carefully and with on and off data mode.
    So the question is Whose most data consumed per month? I believe PTCL data is used the most per month.
    Secondly PTCL is national asset and even company in bad phase serving and providing the services. There is only minor management issues. Otherwise it’s a gold mine. #respectforptcl

  • Ammar

    It’s a joke to mention Nayatel amongst other FTTH providers.

    • kaka

      u r right! 55 GB toh mein eik din mein use karta hoon.

      • umer

        Aesa kya download kerte ho

        • Nishom Zawan

          Bhai surf GTA 5 hi 62 GB ki hai ?

          • kaka

            59 GB ka iso hai aur abhi reloaded ne 11 gb ke update rel ke hai.

        • kaka

          utorrent se roz 2 remux dl karta hoon 8 mb ptcl se. 8 mb ke itne speed he ke mere sare HDD full hogaye hain toh mein souchta hoon ke 100 mb ke speed se mein kia karoon ga. is waja se ab dl speed se ziada upload speed imp hai mere liye. dl kar kar ke dil bhar gaya hai mera.

  • AbdulB1

    PTCL is not a national asset!! stop fooling people on nationalism . PTCL is run by arabs from UAE (etisalat) and they are making so much profit from it. They even pay an arab engineer 10-20 salary they pay to local one. Similarly this Etisalat has invested more in India. They even didn’t paid 800 million dollars to Pakistan government and just paid kick backs to get the control of PTCL. I think government should take back PTCL from them as it is a national security threat.

    • DawnTech

      You mean govt takeover PTCL and ended up like PIA and steel mill??
      The company survived because it was privatized
      Regarding $800m that that thanks to mr Musharaf who sold it on really bad terms, reason? He would be the only one who can explain.
      It’s 26% Etisalat rest is with GOvt, chairman board is Sec IT and three other members from govt also strength in Board.
      So how come Etisalat controlling 100%?get your facts straight and then comment.

      • AbdulB1

        No I didn’t said that ending it up like pia or steel mill. Better if it is offloaded on stock exchange for Pakistani investors only

  • Sadaqat

    Zong 4 G Rocks it gives upto 10MB/sec download speed

    • DawnTech

      Yes ROCKS with COST like big ROCK
      I have seen zong 4G users always looking for Wifi specially PTCL wifi to download there videos because mostly customer cannot afford ZOnG 4G for data usage all the time.

  • Only PTCL provides services across Pakistan, good or bad that’s another debate. rest of them don’t even cover a one single city or area for that matter. What’s the use of modem breaking speed if it 8is limited to few households only.

    • DawnTech

      Exactly, we are emotional nation and doesn’t think like this.

    • FuriousNinja

      Article is about being the fastest ISP. No doubt PTCL provides service all across Pakistan but I’m pretty sure if another competitor enters that said region people would shift without batting their eyes.

      Let me rephrase, what’s the use of being available all over Pakistan if the speed you get is at snail’s pace or disconnections which we face everyday …

      Lucky are those guys who live in the areas in which SF, FL or any other FTTH service is running. Availability vs reliability I guess.

      • kaka

        Ap karachi ke kis area se hain?

  • Transworld Home

    Speeds upto 100Mbps with package plans as low as Rs.2,000 per month

    Now available in Lahore DHA, Islamabad DHA and Karachi (DHA, PECHS, KAECH, Clifton & I.I Chundrigar)

    • kaka

      Plz launch ur service in Chapal Sun City kda scheme 33 near Kiran Hospital. Sarey ache services dha phase 6 se shuru hoti hain kiyon ke sarey arab patti log wahan rahte hain. Chapal Sun City mein dha p6 ke tara arab patti log toh nai lakin haan crorepati zaroor hain, aur pas mein he rizvia society phase 2 hai wahan be crorepati log rahte hain toh Stormfiber, fiberlink aur transworld associates ko is area mein ptcl ke monopoly katam karni chiye.

  • Apni DoDear Is Best :
    Free TV
    Free Movie
    Free Software
    Free Online Streaming
    Unlimited Downloading Etc

  • Shahzad Ahmad

    FiberLink Ki Customer Service Ghatia Tareen, Call Karo To Sahi se guide nae karta aur connection to bhool hi jao 3 months se pehle pehle tak

    • Shahzad Ahmad

      advance payment kardo aur bhool jao k apny net lagwaya hai k nae

    • FuriousNinja

      Because they have loads of orders and little to no staff to handle them so it takes time but it is worthwhile in the end.

      • kaka

        then why not hire more staff?

      • Shahzad Ahmad

        well that is their problem to solve it as soon as possible to make provide customer service. customer yeh nae sunta k apke pass woh cheez hai k nae already bohat sary alternatives available, is tarah ik dafa customer to aja apke pass magar next time woh bhagega.

      • Shahzad Ahmad

        to provide better customer service. staff nae to staff hire karen aur kaam divide karen unhen. apni jagah rakh k dekhen customer kesa feel karta hai jab time provide kia jaye k itny time main cheez mil aur na mily.

  • Aqsa Kareem

    All the services are providing with good customer service besides one the fiberlink baqwas tareen hai
    i have use zong the best one and charji is good and storm fiber is awesome but not available in my area.
    you should not mention fiberlink product banana ya service open koi muskhil nae uski management aur customer service sabse zaroori hai.

  • Sheldon Cooper

    Stormfiber wahi hy na jine PTCL ki phar di thi?

  • Muhammad Shoaib

    Well done PTCL.Excellent DSL service

  • Muhammad Shoaib

    Enjoy PTCL DSL service

  • SHAH

    Connect Communication ko bhool gai aap.
    Me Use krta ho connect Orange Rs1300 me 4mbps (Upload Download both same) Truly Unlimited.

    Zyada Problem bhi nahi ati. Mahiney me ek do fault ajate hain.

    • DoDear Is Best : No Problem
      Bohat Se Logo Ko DoDear Ka PATA He Nahi Hai Q?K Pehly DoDear Her Net Pe Chalta Tha Ab Srif DoDEAR Customer He CHala Sakte hai : TO Bohat Se Log Samajh Rahe hai K DoDear Khatam Ho Gaya

    • kaka

      connect to cable net hai. cable net se virus bohat atey hain aur hackers be bohat hote hain. mere dost ka rapidshare ka account hack kar liya tha. is liye ye sarey cablenet jitne be hai, city, connect, faariya, sab bakwas hai, in mein privacy nai hoti. aur utorrent ke port be block hoti hai.

      • SHAH

        Acha Anti Virus use karey
        R Home Network me nahi rahey

        Sniffing r Spoofing se bachne ke tarike hain

        • kaka

          area? aur 30 mb green wale ke kia rates hain?

          • SHAH

            30Mbps ke package me download limit 600GB hai.
            Ye unlimited nahi hota

  • khalid khan

    I’m using Zong and find it just ok, it certainly is better than P.T.C.L.

  • Eli Ehsan

    YAAR LARKANE bhi aajao manhooso…. PTCL use kar kar ke PEA-juice hogaye hain asaan te.. :(

    • kaka

      ap toh western country mein rehte hain kiyon?

      • Eli Ehsan

        I DO.. par family & friends are still there no!

  • Malik Wahab

    qubee and nayatel i m satisfied with both

  • Rao Zahid Nisar

    Using PTCL since 2014.
    Started with 4 Mbps then 8 / 12 /16 and finally 20 Mbps.
    Treat to use.
    Good high speed. Unlimited downloads. Free TV. Free telephone.
    Only sometimes there’s an issue. Otherwise it’s always at promised speed.
    And now I am switching to 50 Mbps transform package. Soon in sha Allah

  • Rizwan Qureshi

    FiberLink is bunch of lairs and cheaters, applied connection in month of June, they took installation fee and advance fee of one month but still my connection is not deployed.
    Beware from FiberLink.

  • Hassan hanan

    Optix is best

  • Saad Nazir

    is the Bara kahu – Islamabad exchange transformed? If not when will it be transformed?

  • jawed

    Nayatel pakistan service is avilable in karachi,Gulshan-e-iqbal,block-9

  • sol666 .

    *Fiberlink*: Rockstars in their own deluded world! You are “Best in Pakistan” when you actually provid service to everyone *IN* Pakistan and getting praised for it. 80% of Karachi doesn’t even know their name because “Fiberlink” only provides internet in DHA and Clifton. KARACHI IS NOT JUST DHA AND CLIFTON.

    *PTCL*: Like the rains in Karachi their service is a blessing only to a patchwork of random districts in Karachi. For practically the rest of Karachi’s middle class and lower districts it is a nightmare that haunts them while they are awake. You want to see a horror show? just agree to get an internet connection from one of their phone salesperson…..or don’t, they don’t care they will stick an internet charge on your phone bill anyway without giving you any service and then you can spend the next six months standing in line at any of their exchange to have it removed. My personal experience with them is that I got a 4 Mbps connection from them that they charged me for right away and then gave me the run around for a week to get a network guy to check the connection, after that no connection for a month while I screamed my head off at random customer service reps who just fed me rehearsed lines. When I finally screamed my head off at the right person a month later they finally got around to fixing it in a day…the connection lasted only for that day, I did not get internet for the next 2 days on account of it being the weekend and no one at PTCL works on weekends. I disconnected it the next working day.

    *Optix*: for god sake stop including service providers that live in the DHA and CLIFTON Bubble. No one in Karachi knows them or cares because they only exist in DHA and Clifton.

    *StormFiber*: Again if they don’t provide service everywhere they don’t count among the best in Pakistan. also exist in DHA and Clifton only. Pakistan does not live in DHA and Clifton, DHA and Clifton live in Pakistan.

    *Nayatel*: I will leave the insults to someone from Punjab because they don’t even provide service outside Punjab. They don’t even qualify to be in this list.

    *World call*: better to name them “ninja call”. Few have tried their expensive service and even fewer want to try it again.

    *Wi-tribe*: Now this is a shocker! wi-tribe has a customer service record that is on par with PTCL (for the not so perceptive: They are the private company version of the nightmare called PTCL). But recently they have devoured all the other Wimax services that once existed in Karachi (No doubt the 14-19% advance tax the PML-N government levied on Internet has done what it was meant to do: stunt the growth of IT sector in Pakistan leaving many without viable ISP). THIS FOLKS IS THE LAST PRIVATE WIMAX ISP IN KARACHI! and surprisingly the first to provide 4G Lte-A internet packages that are not laughable like those in Zong, Jazz, or Ufone. Finally 4G internet with a 1000 GB fair usage cap, at a price that would bring tears of joy to an internet volume starved Pakistani. But all is not well in the wireless internet market. Being the last wireless service provider standing also means the wireless internet market no longer has competitors. A market without competitors is as good as dead. because when a commercial service market like wireless internet or oil or coal is only controlled by one company, then that company can set it’s own prices without fear of anyone stealing their customers with cheaper service, or better customer care. Eventually lack of options will make customers start exiting the market for cheaper options. Will Wi-tribe manage to keep Wireless internet relevant in Pakistan or will the wireless internet market perish under the absurd government taxes and lack of market competition?

  • Immortal Curse

    mera package ptcl my 2 mb ka ta promotional may PTCL ny 6 mb ki pir 8 both acha chal raha ta par kuch din later disconnection issue a gahai my ny complain ki fix kar ny ki baja hai 2 mb kar di ya or kaha kai ap ka line support nhi kar ta ptcl ki mbs fast hai download be fast hai par service both bakwas hai or agar gamer hai tu ping bilkul sahi nhi kar tai pubg mobile ki ping hamasah high hai oh H1Z1 game ki be high hai ping my bakwas hai PTCL issue fix nhi kar tai Quetta my agar kohi or option o ti my Ptcl sy jan chot jati