1 Million Solar Powered Houses Can Save Up To 30% Electricity in Pakistan

One million houses with an efficient Solar Power solution in Pakistan can reduce up to 30% electricity load in Pakistan from the national power grid.

This was stated by Ashar Aziz, founder of FireEye, a Silicon Valley based network security company and the CEO SkyElectric, a Smart Energy Systems provider while inaugurating Pakistan’s first and only Solar Power Sales and Technical Education Centre in the new Packages Mall, Lahore.

Its the right time to move towards reliable hybrid solar power solution which is a cheap source of energy having negligible recurring cost and it can also become a source of income by selling surplus solar power to the national grid by connecting with DISCO network through smart meters, he said.

He suggested that the government should further reduce import duties and taxes on solar power panels and batteries which will greatly promote use of solar power solutions at domestic level resulting in uninterrupted power supply to domestic consumers.

Further, electric utilities should make it easier to export excess solar energy back to the main grid by simplifying the process of acquiring net-metering licenses, he added.

He said that the Sales and Technical Education Center has the first personal solar energy experience zone of its kind, allowing visitors to get detailed insights about powering their homes and businesses with smart solar and battery technology.

The center is staffed with technical specialists in advanced solar and battery technology, and not typical retail store sales oriented people. They have advanced technical degrees and in-depth knowledge of SkyElectric technology in order to fully address customers’ questions and answer any technical questions they may have about solar energy and advanced lithium battery technology.

Ashar Aziz, the CEO of the company said:

Our Sales and Technical Education center is the first retail solar experience zone anywhere in the world, where the entire solar solution can be customized and virtually installed, in a matter of minutes, using special software and satellite imagery.

It takes the mystery out of users’ minds of what solar and battery energy can do for them, what kind of solar system they can actually install on their rooftops and how quickly it will pay them back financially.

It is a one of kind experience, and I encourage all the mall visitors to come and visit the SkyElectric Sales and Technical Education Center.

In order to better educate and inform the public, SkyElectric has built specialized software to allow customers to experience and visualize their own custom solar energy systems on large touch-screen LED screens inside the store, and understand the technical, financial and economic benefits of those systems.

The experience zone software, displayed on large touch-screen LED TVs, performs remote solar site analysis by evaluating the actual solar potential on customers’ rooftops using high quality satellite imagery. The software performs custom rooftop shading analysis coupled with automated and optimized solar panel layout diagrams based on shading considerations. The software creates a report of this analysis, and provides the 3D visual look of the solar panels on their building both from a rooftop and street level view, so customers can get a sense of the aesthetics of the final system, before they are actually installed.

The report automatically creates quotes of solar and battery energy packages to best fit customers power and energy requirements along with custom financial payback analysis. The Sales and Technical Education Centre also allows shoppers to interact with the SkyElectric Smart Energy System and navigate through the Smart Energy Console, its touch screen interface.

    • Kar di na Trump waali baat. The world is moving away from coal towards green energy aur aap jaisay short sighted log hain jo coal par hi atkay huay hain. Bhai jaan mass consumption of coal for electricity isn’t good for the environment. Solar, wind, and hydro are clean sources with minimal impact on the environment.

      • UFF ALLAH :
        30 Saal Se Daily Nale K Pani Hawks Bay Main Ja Raha Hai :
        Tab Envoirement Nazar Nahi Ati

        Daily Garbage Road Pe Para hai
        Tab Envoirement Nazar Nahi Ati

        Petrol Diesel Se Dhowa Nikal Raha hai
        Tab Envoirement Nazar Nahi Ati

        Super 3G Super 4G LTE Signal Se radiation Paida Hote hai
        Tab Envoirement Nazar Nahi Ati

        Coal Ka Achaar Laga Rahy Hum Itna Para howa Hai Hamare Pas
        Tab Envoirement Nazar Ati Hai

        Strange :

        • You are right about everything dude (except 3G 4G radiation wali baat).

          Please be aware and understand that making energy via coal in this era is the worst decision any Govt or any Organisation would take. Dont you see the temperature is rising on daily basis and adding up coal power plants would make the temperature rise more due to excessive CO2 emissions. Eventually you would need:

          1. More power, as you cannot live without AC.
          2. More water.
          3. More food.
          4. More powerful backup generator to run ur AC.
          5. More travelling in order to maintain above.
          6. Air Pollution so much worst that you can’t even breathe. So more illness and more medicine. U will become physically unfit.
          7. More money to maintain above and pay your far more costly electricity bills.

          But if you install Solar System in your home, you are not only contributing against the Global Warming but is actually doing a favor upon yourself and upon every living being on this Earth.

          Solar System doesn’t only make your house cooler but also provide electricity for free for you throughout the day. It does not pollute your environment (No CO2 emissions), it reduces the temperature as it transforms the light energy into electricity and hence you would need less power in your household, less water, less food, no backup generator, less travelling, less electricity bills, less money and ever green clear, neat and clean Air to breathe.

          There are many more benefits of installing Solar System in your house which you can google and make yourself more aware of this worthy technology.

        • Dhakkan insaan humein is planet ko iss halat me chorna hai k hamaray janay k baad b rehnay laiq rahay. Sab ganda hai to iska ye matlab nahi k aur ch*tiy*p*y k decisions liye jaen, har post pe baghair samjhay aur research karay munh phaarna band kardo please.

        • Coal aglay 3-4 decades me khatam ho jaana hai lekin dunia me hawa darya aur sooraj khatam nahi ho rahay hamaray istemaal karnay se, na log bemaar ho rahay hain in ki waja se. Kal ki soch dhakkan insaan. 30-40 saal baad Pakistan k log kia achaar dalengay jab coal khatam ho chuka hoga? Abi se green energy banana shuru karogay to future ki generations ko faida hoga.

        • Janab, 30 saal phely Net har admi k pas nahi tha. 3-7 saal se jo awareness aye hai wo phely nahi thi. Environment is in more critical condition than ever if every individual won’t start doing something to protect it then there will be many consequences. Even China is shifting towards eco friendly power production.

  • “The experience zone software, displayed on large touch-screen LED TVs,
    performs remote solar site analysis by evaluating the actual solar
    potential on customers’ rooftops using high quality satellite imagery. The software performs custom rooftop shading analysis coupled with automated and optimized solar panel layout diagrams based on shading considerations.”

    Wow that’s something. So we can get all the details before shopping around for cheaper chinese panels!

    They should put this system online on a website so we can try it out from our homes.

  • Solar energy best solution hy mene lagaya hy apne ghar mei bhut acha chal raha hy aur bill mei b bhut kami aai hy

    • Can you share more details about this please?
      How much KW did you install? At what cost? Does it require any maintenance? Exactly how much has your bill reduced? Which city did you install in (bcz I heard KE has issues with homes with solar panels)?

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